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Halo Kitsch asks us "Do You Feel Like A Sinner Yet?"

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Halo Kitsch Halo Kitsch

LA-based alt pop singer Halo Kitsch has been long turning her heart break into searing and fiery anthems since she has been penning songs as a teen. But had only made her debut when she decided to drop out of college to pursue a music career full-time.


The fresh alt pop artist came into the scene just this past year and has already released a string of singles, one of them being her latest “Do You Feel Like A Sinner Yet?” released via 4AD. On this sweeping alt pop single, Kitsch is both the victim and antagonist in a toxic relationship. Topping off with some whistles and strumming on the acoustic guitar, the vibe sounds very desolate as Kitsch’s smoky vocals layers in. The moody ambience on the guitar is offset eventually by finger-snapping that is a jazzy-pop addition. The acoustic instrumentation vibes very well with Kitsch’s sensual vocals as the track climaxes with swooping electric guitar solos and soaring harmonies. The track at first sets a subdued mood tonally, but once the song hits its crescendo peak, it takes a very cathartic and poignant track.


Kitsch has made something that will resonate with audiences. Without naming who is the bad or good buy in a relationship, Kitsch gets across a very compassionate and self-reflective style. There’s a lot to admire from an artist who is willing to portray a balanced story, exploring both fronts before pointing any fingers. With the upcoming new year, Kitsch is gaining new ground with her sound. This was a solid effort and I look forward to seeing more from the up-and-coming artist.



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Halo Kitsch's "Do You Feel Like A Sinner Yet?"