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Tommy Tomorrow Turn Heads With His Colossal New Record 'Tommy Tape 222'

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Tommy Tomorrow's 'Tommy Tape 222' Tommy Tomorrow's 'Tommy Tape 222'

Tommy Tomorrow is a hip hop artist from Long Beach, CA, and recently released his latest album, Tommy Tape 222. A colossal endeavor with 22 records, so there’s a lot to cover here, but we only have time for a few highlights so let’s get going.


Starting off with a mellow vibe, some beats and electronic riffs soar with a smooth appeal on “GET BACK 2 U.” Tommy Tomorrow's cool rap style reels us in from the start. There was a touch of distortion to his vocals here. Tommy Tomorrow brings with him a sultry R&B feel to the sounds. Towards the last half of the track, Tommy Tomorrow pulls you in with a spoken word performance. With soulful female vocals in the backdrop, he revs up the energy with his chilling rap style on “FOUND A GIRL.” There’s a sax solo here that drums up a very smooth vibe. More sultry sounds come in with the sparse guitar riffs and beats erupting for a pulling sound on “UMBRELLA SONG.” You’re reeled in from the start through his energy and dynamic flows. There were definitely some solid old school hip hop vibes going on throughout the project. Spiraling beats and funky guitars ignite the start of “PATIENCE.” With a chill vibe, Tommy Tomorrow's nonchalant vocals arrive for a startling feel. I was arrested from the beginning. Later on, alongside some bass lines, Tommy Tomorrow has a heart to heart with audiences.


With some melodic keys, I was getting some melancholic vibes here on “HOLLYWOOD.” Coming in with tons of soul, Tommy Tomorrow comes right in, with his chill rap style. His flow shows an artist on top of his game. As he draws you in closer to his sounds, the keys provide a haunting backdrop on this track. Starting off with a big bang, the flute, drums and lively percussion pulls you in right away on “TOMMY BRADY.” I was loving the energy of this song. There's a ton of mood and feeling here. With plenty of dazzling flash and glitter, I enjoyed the immediate vibes very much. Starting off with a sauntering groove, the guitars and keys come across for a lounge and jazz vibe on “DIVINE (FT. PHIL A. MINION).” Minion’s soulful vocals will arrest listeners right away. I was loving his real smooth crooner style vocals. Once Tommy Tomorrow comes in, more of the real smooth feel arrives for another chill performance from the artist.


On “JOY (FT. PHIL A. MINION & KING KUSH),” more fresh beats light up the sounds here. Minion returns with his great soulful bluesy vocals. Some guitars highlight the sounds for an intoxicating pop feel. With a great R&B vibe to this number, I was drawn to the sounds right away. Toward “GLAD WE MADE IT (FT. JUSTO ONTARIO),” Tommy Tomorrow unleashes some sparse guitar riffs and synths for a compelling sound. Tommy Tomorrow executes his dynamic rap style with a happening vibe. I was loving the slow burning energy of this song. I thought he really delivers here. Right from the get-go some bass lines and Tommy Tomorrow's pulverizing rap style demolishes on “ATM PUSSY.” He really packs in the energy for an amped performance on this memorable closer.


With enough material for two albums, the artist has given us plenty of gems to enjoy. With a real easy-going demeanor, Tommy Tomorrow spits out his rhymes with a real cool and at ease vibe, coasting through these vibrant hip hop tracks with great flow. He slays with his top-notch delivery and you can tell on each performance on this record that he gives 100% throughout. With a lot to digest, it seems like Tommy Tomorrow has a whole lot to say. Here’s to hoping he does so in a follow-up release in the not-so-distant future!

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