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Golden Sight - an elegant brand of status and clarity Featured

Golden Sight

clarity, elegance, and status




Brand Statement: Your vision and imagination is precious no matter where it comes from as long as the ideas are true to oneself. Success starts with where you see yourself. One day you would like to live comfortably, so start taking the necessary steps needed in order to make it to where you want to be. But maybe you are where you want to be, so enjoy that and take advantage of every opportunity you have to live life to the full. This isn't just a fashion brand, this is something with purpose, something with motivation and hope. Come with me as I follow my dream and hopefully it will push you to follow yours. I always wanted to start a business, fashion was my choice because of how I love to combine clothing and make it look unique.  

People always tell me "only you can pull that off". Things like that inspire me. Be unique, that's all things brand asks for, be yourself, no one can take that from you.  Your sight, what you see, the visions you have, are golden...








A company by Emmanual Rodriguez





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Smash Industries

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Finally, a creative and collaborative space for the growing art community of East New York!

"Smash Industries is developing an open ended, creative space to serve as an incubator and gathering place for the local arts community. The converted warehouse will exhibit our Artisan Subway Series in the "Train Yard" and house pop up gallery shows, instructional artistic classes, and performance based creative endeavors." (source:Smash Industries Welcome Page)

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Ode Clothing

Ode Clothing

 was founded by Pierre Nelson at the beginning of his senior year of high school.  Since then, the brand has expanded to various boutiques across America.  Here at Ode Clothing, we pride ourselves at being the leading street wear brand founded in South Carolina.  We believe our brand stands out because of the uniqueness and quality of the designs.

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Love Last Forever 


Clothes & Music

After many years of planning and creating, one of our most anticipated T-Shirts is here! The Demand Peace Tee If you are from Woodbridge, Virginia you may have seen the local legend known as "The Demand Peace Guy", a very nice and caring man who for the past five or more years has stood outside in the cold and rain with his sign that reads "Demand Peace" in bold black sharpie.

As young adults, we would pass this man every day and feel inspired by his passion, his dedication, and most importantly his message. This brought us to the simple idea of, "how can we help?". This took many months of tracking him down, and finally sitting down with him and getting his full story, along with his full blessing to use his message. "The Demand Peace Guy" as we call him, does not like to give out his name or any of his information, but has told us what he appreciates the most is when people come up and talk with him, listen to him, and hopefully take something from his message and his story. After speaking with him ourselves, we were determined to make this shirt a reality and hopefully all of Woodbridge, Northern Virginia, and the rest of The World can wear his sign on their chest and show support everywhere they go! Also portion of every shirt sold will donated directly to the Demand Peace Guy to support his cause!!!


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Fuindi Clothing

Fuindi Clothing
Fuindi Clothing

Future Individuals - Regardless of how you think, regardless of how you feel, see yourself as more than a human being. It's recognizable, spiritually and mentally.

The Future is not about time. It’s about defining yourself and discovering your full potential in life. Regardless of religion and culture, the balance of time and nature holds us together. As human beings we are one, but each and every one of us carries our own unique power. Use this energy and become an individual. A warrior through life, that embraces every moment in time and space. – FUINDI

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Nightmare Inc. Apparel

Nightmare Inc. Apparel, a small Lifestyle Brand based out of Fredericksburg, Va. Created and Runned by Ryan Payne and Artist/Creative Director, Austin Collins. This clothing line has tons to offer and many more creative/distinctive designs coming your way!
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"Art Should Disturb the Comfortable and Comfort the Disturbed" 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 12:00

Super Sticky

Super Sticky

From all types of designs, styles and size stickers, Super Sticky will customize pretty much anything for you on not only stickers of your choice, but also shirts, keychains, hats and more...check it out!