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Sabriel inspires us to "Love Again"

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Sabriel Sabriel

Sabriel (prounouned shä brē el), is a Las Vegas-based singer, songwriter and producer. “Love Again” is the artist’s latest single that she wrote, produced and recorded single-handedly in the private comfort of her bedroom-closet studio. As a self-professed introvert, the experience really allowed Sabriel to flourish playing around with new ideas and following her own true path.


“Love Again,” released via SWEET SOUL RECORDS and Handwritten Records, is a luminescent single filled with euphoria. About being aware and more sensitive when entering a new relationship, once you are introduced into the world of the track you are right from the start embraced by shimmering electronic modes, scintillating beats and welcoming chimes that surrounds you. Sabriel evokes through her soaring vocal delivery a very flavorful pop feel. The music is altogether a magical listening experience and will envelope you in an enchanting hug filled with warmth and a strong sense of comfort.


Sabriel shares on, “I’ve done a lot of self-work during […] the pandemic, with a huge focus on past and future relationships. I used to have a tendency to jump in quickly, ignoring any and all red flags. But moving forward, I refuse to lose myself in another person. So I’m carefully watching very step.” Although the artist resolves to being more careful before falling head over heels in a new relationship, you can’t help but feel on “Love Again” that the “falling” is well underway and the results are something to behold.


Sabriel gives us an other-worldly listening experience filled with ethereal sounds and waves of breath-taking vocal harmonies. Inspired by an online-course surrounding healing and relationships, whose female-centered discussions helped Sabriel open up to new love, self-discovery and spiritual journey that the artist is embarking in her music, this approach sees Sabriel exploring different avenues to better herself and embrace all the changes that this past year has brought us. “Love Again” is the perfect soundscape to accompany audiences into a new year, as we emerge with new attitudes, expectations and thinking. The artist hails 2021 on a more hopeful note as Sabriel inspires all of us to “Love Again.”




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Sabriel's "Love Again"