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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 21:42

Logic: The Cultural Impact of "1-800-273-8255"

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Logic is a guy that Ive been a fan of for awhile ever since my ODU days back in 2011/2012, when his career really started taking off. I remember specifically, it was the song "Mind of Logic" that really put me on to him. In the music video for the song, he walks around New York City while rapping the lyrics to the song. The cinematography for the music video was stunning. On top of that, he had a young woman by the name of Camille Michelle Gray, Sing a rendition of the popular Kid Cudi song "Mr. Rager", for the hook. It immediately bought me in and I then began to search all of his music that was released at the time.


From that point on to now, it is wonderful to have seen Logic's fan base grow the way it did. With each release of mixtapes and albums, he gained more and more traction. Its really dope to be able to watch a artist grow from just a local DMV artist to being the internationally known super star that he is today.


His latest album, Everybody, was a album that tackled a lot of political and social justice type idealogies: Racism, Poverty, anxiety, and depression. All things that real life people deal with on a daily basis. I believe that is what made this album so succesful was its reach to so many demographics.


In a era where artist such as Lil Pump, for example, can have a hit record repeating the same meaningless words over and over? Its easy for a rapper these days to just take the easy way out and aim for the big bucks with minimal amount of effort. Not Logic, though. He dares to be different and I think thats what his fan base loves most about him. Its why he has such a devout fan base. 

The grammys this past week ended with a performance from Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid, and it was probably the most powerful performance of the night, along with Kesha's PRAY performance. 


This song was phenomenal for the culture. I wont lie, I didnt know what that number was until I went on rap genius to have it deciphered. I know I'm not the only one who was unaware. This song educated so many people to the point that even if you dont need the number yourself, perse, I guarantee you, theres someone you know; someone you hold near and dear to your heart, who DOES need it.


According to the national suicide hotline statistics, calls to the hotline went up 27 percent, the day the song dropped. The trend continued and he traveled the world spreading the postive message of this tune. This song is LITERALLY saving lives.


I love the fact that Logic recognizes this song as the most important song that he has ever written. With all this newfound SUPERSTARDOM (Cause he was a star before but after that performance?!? hes a solidified SUPERstar) I cant wait to see all the good things he brings to the rap game and the world. 


Thanks for your ear as always! 


- Max Ataraxis

Sup Guys!


So Ive mentioned in my previous post about how much of a fan I am of Lil Wayne. So I HAVE got to talk about his newest mixtape, Dedication 6, that was released a few weeks ago.


Mannnnn, my boy Weezy sound hungry again!! NOW THIS YOUNG BLOODS IS WHAT YOU CALL A OG. I've always been a advocate of Wayne,hardcore. Lil Wayne from about 06-11 had one of the greatest HipHop runs of dominance in HipHop history. These are facts. People these days be trying Play Wayne like he's washed up and this and that and the third. I've BEEN saying , nah Bruh Wayne still dope. It's all his label BS holding him back. Kids these days don't even know how great Wayne was in his prime , but Bruv never lost his skill. Never been washed up. Wayne isn't even in my personal top 5 rappers list, But I still respect and recognize him as the greatest rapper from the Millenial generation. Think about this; if hypothetically speaking Wayne was shot dead right after The Carter 3 dropped, then we without a doubt in my mind would have immortalized this man. We woulda been making sure that when you mention Tupac and Biggie, Wayne's name is ALWAYS Mentioned too and those 3 names would have been synonymous . Biggie, Tupac, and Wayne.


That didn't happen, thank God. The point I'm tryna make is that once he hit the label problems , it's like all he achieved didn't even matter anymore in the public eye . All the public perception of him was that he sucks now, he's washed up, etc etc....


Well now after giving his project a thorough listen for a few weeks, I have to say, BRUH!!!! Though Wayne never left, my guy Wayne is BACK!! I believe THIS is the project that will be the turning tide for his career. I believe Lil Wayne is about to reinvent himself once again and a new flourish of greatness will be bestowed upon his career! People are about to start puttin some Respek' on his name ! D6 has a Wayne that's duckin in and out of metaphors, wordplay, &sauce. Wayne over here spitting bars that will make u scrunch up your face, put your fist to your mouth, and say D*MN !!!! lol Bruh, this mans is so clever yo. He sound like the 06 mixtape Wayne on modern beats , Bruh ! It's crazy. The best rapper alive is back to remind y'all , true talent never subsides on some space jam type ish. Some might think he finally touched the ball and got his powers(skills) back.I knew big homie never lost em.


Yes, that was a space jam reference lol


So, after dropping off "Dedication 6" around christmas time, he is preparing to release a new version with more songs, entitled, "D6: Reloaded".


Earlier this year, He dropped off a remix to the popular JAY-Z song, "Family Feud", featuring Drake. The song is reminiscent to how Wayne and Drake used to trade bars almost as long as 10 years ago! 

No Hook, straight bars. Yesterday, Wayne dropped off a second offering from the reloaded mixtape and again we have Wayne straight going IN with the bars. 


The song is called "Big Bad Wolf" and it sees Wayne rapping for 4 straight minutes over Blac Youngsta's "Hip Hopper. Something I found interesting about the song was that one of the criticisms Wayne gets is he raps about drugs and drug use too much. I listened to the song and I litterally could only catch one line referencing drugs. The rest was just straight bragadocio bars but they were clever and entertaining. I'm hoping that when The Carter V drops, we can hear some more meaningful music and genuine music detailing what has been going on in his life since the label issues came about.


For now though, I am MORE than Happy to hear the mixtape version of Wayne doing what Wayne does best...and that is RAP.


Definitely looking forward to the reloaded tape and whatever else this new revamped HUNGRY Wayne has to offer!


-Max Ataraxis




Just wanted to let yall know that Wayne just dropped off ANOTHER record from D6:Reloaded featuring Juelz Santana and its another song of straight barz! Im telling ya'll Wayne is HUNGRY again! sounding like the early 2000s mixtape weezy 100 percent and even linking up with his old patna!

Wayne was tired of yall playing with his name and calling him wack, I swear! 

2018 finna be his year ! 

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