Artist Discovery


Road Trip

48 States and 48+
Independent Artists

Traveling from State to State, we'll link with Independent Artists...

To not only showcase their talent, their story, who they are as an artist...

But also to embrace creative diversity in America...

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Trip Details

The following features and more will help make this a fun, collaborative and productive experience. 


From long to short and mostly informal, we want to document and get to know the Artists in their most comfortable space. 


We'll be capturing footage of LIVE performances from a range of venues, from Open Mics to more formal and intimate events.  


Collaborating with an artist on a project in each state.  

Be a part of the Documentary

All interviews, performances, and other footage will be put together and turned into a Documentary.

Our Mission is:

To Embrace Creative Diversity within America

Our Vision is:

To provide a platform for a diverse group of independent creatives to showcase their skill, share their views of the music industry and to share there story. 

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