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Dream Collab Series #21: Racoma talks about possible collaborators

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Racoma Racoma

Continuing with the Dream Collab Series is artist #21: Racoma. They are an indie-alternative rock band from Seattle, WA. The band consists of Glenn Haider (lyrics, vocals, guitar), Spencer Templeman (drums, bass guitar) and Sean Collopy (lead guitar, vocals).


They bring in a country-folk/indie rock blend that is luxuriously paced on their debut album This Front Room. Their vibey soundscapes cast a wide web of dream-hazed revelries. What is more, they move forward with a polished production evident from start to finish in their 2020 debut LP release even though they are still an independent act.


Diversal Founder Alex Jackson sat down and spoke with them about being independent in today’s music industry.


One question that got the band revved up was “If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?”


Right off the bat, Racoma said: Kendrick Lamar. His music is so different from theirs as far as genre and by joining forces, they hope to bring to the table something solely unique and original.


One of the members brought up Toro y Moi, how at the time he was producing some alternative indie bands and perhaps a collaboration would really bring out the different elements from the two vastly different acts.


Another artist that was mentioned was Blake Mills. The band comments on his abilities as a guitarist and his production skills and would really love to work with the songwriter. They go on to praise his ear for production and music and stated that working with him would really make them better as artists.


So, Kendrick Lamar, Toro y Moi and Blake Mills, if you’re listening, Racoma is a great up-and-coming indie rock band who would love to hear your thoughts on a possible collaboration.


Take a look at the interview below:




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Dream Collab Series #21: Racoma