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Dream Collab Series #33: Qiuntellii shares his dream collaborators

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Qiuntellii Qiuntellii

To continue the Dream Collab Series is artist #33: Qiuntellii. Qiuntellii is an Arkansas-based R&B artist whose soulful vocal style is very similar in vein to Chris Brown and Usher.


When asked “Who would you love to collaborate with and why?” it was no wonder he answered Chris Brown and Usher.


Qiuntellii explains that the way he sings and performs matches to younger Usher. So, if they were to grace the stage together, it will be like a newer and older generation collab that will definitely go on to ‘wow’ audiences.


With Chris Brown, Qiuntellii admires his work ethic and drive. He is always on the go – “if he isn’t on tour, he’s in the studio.” He works tirelessly to hone his vibe and Quintellii goes on to comment that his sound just has a spirit to it that people are drawn to which he admits is similar to the spark found in his own music.


Diversal Founder Alex Jackson takes the interview to the next level when he asks Qiuntellii “Which collaboration would be better?”


After a pause, in which Qiuntellii admits that that it would be hard to say, he goes on to answer Usher because they have a very similar sound. The artist says he likes to sing ballads and a lot of Usher’s songs are slow songs which Qiuntelli explains is where his talent lies. Whereas Chris Brown’s songs are faster, so he believes a collaboration between him and Usher would really bring out each of their sounds.


Qiuntellii concludes the Dream Collab Series by saying he believes that Chris Brown and Usher makes music that is considered timeless. Both artists make music that ten years from now you can go back to and play on repeat. They are still around to this day and still as strong and relevant today as they were ever before.  


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Dream Collab Series #33: Qiuntellii
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