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Dream Collab Series #5: Sam Robbins names his No. 1 dream collaborator

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Sam Robbins Sam Robbins

In 2018, Diversal Founder Alex Jackson went on a cross-country road trip to talk with independent acts right in their environment. The State-2-State Independent Artist Discovery Project interviews 49 independent acts in 48 states (not including Alaska and Hawaii) as they speak to Jackson about being an independent artist in this musical climate.


The artists all have one thing in common: they were all up-and-coming who were eager to share their experiences as independent artists.


As a part of the State-2-State docu series’ content-creation roll out, Dream Collab Series highlights a question all the artists were excited about: who would you love to collaborate with? During the interviews, all the artists were thrilled to share their perspective and at the same time artists they would love to team up with.


The fifth artist interview, day 9-11 of the project, was Sam Robbins at Portsmouth, New Hampshire where his family is based. As the time, Robbins was attending Berklee College of music in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as having a studio in Boston. Robbins was separating his time between the two regions. Now having relocated to Nashville, the artist brings his unique storytelling troubadour spirit to local and national audiences.


When asked who his dream collaborator would be, Robbins right away answered: Charlie Puth.


Robbins can’t get enough of Puth’s music and he is interested in seeing what they could accomplish together.


Self-described as “old soul singer songwriter,” Robbins’ music evokes the classic singer-songwriter sounds of James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Known for his live performances, his charming onstage presence, warm vocals and intimate acoustic arrangements all make him a rising artist to watch out for.


The soulful singer-songwriter also names James Taylor and John Mayer as influences.


But for now, Charlie Puth is on top of his list. Perhaps Puth would see this and a possible collaboration would be in the works in the not so distant future.


Take a look at the interview below:



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Sam Robbins Talks Charlie Puth