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ZEMBU creates art reflective of her journey on latest single "Overgrown"

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ZEMBU aka Sarah Pumpian is an indie-pop electronic producer currently based out of Fort Collins, CO. Known for combining ethereal, warm production with layers of soulful vocals and reflective lyrics, ZEMBU brings listeners out of their everyday shuffle and into a nostalgic and thoughtful place with her music. ZEMBU is releasing her latest single “Overgrown.”


The name ZEMBU originates from the Japanese world “zenbu” meaning “whole parts” an ode as much to her Japanese roots as a personal mantra on her place in the world.


ZEMBU mentions on 303 Magazine: “To me, that really emulated what I hope this project is and is to become – a really inclusive space for everything – you are therefore I am. I hope that that is felt – I am here because of you.”


ZEMBU is also a project that represents a tapestry of identities and causes that is close to Pumpian’s heart. Centered around biracial ethnicity, womanhood, the LGBTQ community and advocating for mental health, her emotionally wrought songs gives these themes a unique spin, unearthing another facet to the human existence.


Music became a solace for Pumpian as she grappled with life’s challenges. Popping up in Durango par the course of following love, and later relocating to Fort Collins where she currently resides, she had to deal with the upheaval as well as recurring dreams of her late mother. This very much comes up in her music – this sense of cathartic release seen in her sound as music has become more than just an outlet for her emotions, it is a place she can simply be and be herself in.


 “Overgrown” addresses the feeling of being overwhelmed by the flux of things after a breakup. She grounds us with delicate ‘mmhmmms’ that float over this airy track simply rendered over guitar riffs and an electronic beat. The vocals come in brimming with emotion and power. The vulnerability of the singing really gave off an intimacy to the performance that made me really feel the regret and heartache permeating this track. ZEMBU really drives the heart wrenching themes home with the bare bones sound of the acoustic guitar surrounding the chorus that delves into a more pressing vibe with percussions dressing the song. Overall, the instrumentals and soulful vocals proved to be a compelling listen.


Pumpian consistently works to knock down barriers, as her music reflects on the human condition and the struggles we face every day. ZEMBU makes music that is as much for her as well as it is for us, the listener. Listening to ZEMBU, the music connects us in ways unimaginable as we each share a space that reaches into electronic, indie and pop territory – the sonic surprises that await listeners is sure to inspire and resonate. Be sure you have a listen today!


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ZEMBU's "Overgrown"