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Kevin Sinatra lays the groundwork for another impactful single with "Ride Like This"

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Kevin Sinatra Kevin Sinatra

Kevin Sinatra, a hip hop artist from Woodbridge, Virginia, consistently brings an impactful and empowering message into his songs. After a nine-year hiatus, in which he took the time out to rediscover himself and further develop his art, he came out with a slew of singles with underlining themes of social justice tying in spiritual elements. Among them were “Gone/Flint” where he brings awareness to the Flint water crisis and “Lone Wolf” where he talks about bringing about social justice and Black empowerment.


Once again, the rapper tackles these ongoing issues with renewed energy on “Ride Like This.” The single features a more playful and mellow production with a more fun-loving vibe, while the lyrics carry the same weight of political and societal themes that have made his previous tracks so impactful.


Right from the start, “Ride Like This” showcases Sinatra’s contagious energy. He raps with a hypnotic flow in a laid-back, chill groove. He sends listeners reeling with his smooth vocal abilities. His verses fly right from the speakers straight into listeners’ mind and soul. Audiences will take to heart Sinatra’s love for his city as he makes it known he is going to put “his city on the map.” As he raps about the current U.S. President and the negative impact he has had on the current state of society, Sinatra also shows us a more easy-going approach to his style, while still holding steady to his roots.


Taking his music through new modes and avenues, Sinatra is an artist constantly innovating and evolving. He demonstrates that he has the skills and mastery to keep us rooted in our seats, completely riveted. The energy and good vibes definitely never stops flowing. 



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Kevin Sinatra's "Ride Like This"