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Harry Jay-Steele shares the animated visual for his beautiful new single "Wish For One Night"

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Harry Jay-Steele Harry Jay-Steele

Music has long since shaped Harry Jay-Steele into the human being he is today. He began honing his craft at the age of nineteen with a move to London to study at Goldsmith University. He has played for various bands in the past but decided to focus on developing his own sound instead. His quest has led him to discover Soul, African rhythms, contemporary classical and modern pop with African artists like Lionel Loueke and Tinariwen cited as major influences. The artist is releasing his latest single and MV for “Wish For One Night,” which is the first cut taken from his forthcoming debut album, due for release this fall via Naim Records.


Inspired by anime classics like Akira and Neo Tokyo and sci-fi films such as Blade Runner, the animated video is set in a futuristic Japanese city, loosely based on Tokyo. Written by Jay-Steele himself and animated by Venezuelan illustrator Jesus David Mora, the MV takes place in a modern urban setting where the protagonist sets out every night to find other lost souls like himself. The animation goes on to tell the story of a young man, whose only source of hope are the nighttime messages exchanged with his virtual love interest.


Jay-Steele mentions, “It was written in a time of personal turmoil. I was reckoning with a deteriorating mental state and questioning whether I was losing my sense of self in the process.” Loosely inspired by Haruki Murakami’s novel and its adapted film Norwegian Wood, Jay-Steele developed the video’s storyline around Japan’s high youth suicide. “I wanted to convey these same messages but highlight the universality of the experience across the world.”


“Wish For One Night” incorporates some Afro-beats that give a vibrant backbeat to this track. Jay-Steele’s vocals are smooth and suave adding a mellow vibe to this song. With a dynamic sound Jay-Steele’s vocal are brimming with soul and verve. The track mixes the sound of the guitar with electronic embellishments. The sound of organic instrumentation is underscored with electric beats. The vibe is altogether vibrant and fully realized.


The music and visuals tied together give a very invigorating listening experience. I felt the video really captured the isolation and loneliness of living in a big urban setting like Tokyo. The music is very wistful and conveys the longing for companionship.


Rich and with sci-fi elements, the MV is packed with compelling visuals. If you’re a sci-fi or anime fan, this would be right down your alley. Be sure you have a listen today!


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