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Sola Rosa infuses soul and funk into his groovy new single "Shine On (feat. Thandi Phoenix)"

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Andrew Spraggon Andrew Spraggon

Sola Rosa is the brainchild of New Zealand musician Andrew Spraggon. Channeling a sound that soars with beats, electronica and jazz, funk and soul have been the mainstays in Spraggon’s sound though his influences have also gone on to incorporate a myriad of genres. Formed in 1999, his career started with the laid back purely instrumental debut EP Entrance to Skyway (2000), debut long player Solarized (2001) and Haunted Out-Takes (2003). 2005’s aptly named Moves On, sees Spraggon going in a whole new direction with his music. He does a total 180, flipping the script by embracing collaborations. Going by his mantra of “If you want to sound better, you have to work with other people,” Moves On marked a decisive new path for Spraggon’s music, paving the way for a remarkable list of collaborators who’ve all added their own takes to Sola Rosa’s sound over the years.


World tours, festival circuits and a collection of EP’s and remix albums later, including 2009’s hit album Get It Together, the funk infused Low and Behold, High and Beyond (2012), the synth and beats focused Magnetics (2014) and follow-up EP In Spaces (2018), have seen Spraggon bringing his music to the International arena. As his desire to continually grow and experiment blossoms, Spraggon utilizes his music to connect with influencers and music makers around the world. His collaborations see him teaming up with musicians and singers globally, as they infuse unique and colorful flavors from shores near and far.


Sola Rosa is releasing his new single “Shine On.” The track is the third cut taken from the upcoming album Chasing The Sun due for release on 25th September via Way Up Recordings.


Featuring Thandi Phoenix on vocals, “Shine On” adds to the recent stream of Sola Rosa collaborative singles including “For The Mighty Dollar” featuring The Streets vocalist Kevin Mark Trall and long term Basement Jaxx collaborator soul singer Sharlene Hector and “Searching For Love” which featured the vocals of Kiko Bun.


Funk-propelled “Shine On,” contains a soulful, groovy twist. The sounds are catchy and contagious. The keys are melodious as well as energized as funky guitars add some range. Phoenix’s vocals are soulful and smooth with a vibrantly suave sound. The single incorporates a laidback punchy groove.


Propelled by horns courtesy of Mike Booth, Andrew Hall and Hadyn Godfrey, flute from Lewis McCallum and guitar delivered by Jeremey Toy and Dixon Nacey, the track’s rhythms section is carried by Andrew Spraggon on synth bass, with percussion by Julien Dyne. Ella Gaitau and Andrew Spraggon round out on the track on keys.


Filled with deft musicianship, the single is definitely packed with a jaunty beat that will get you moving in no time. With empowering lyrics and a retro-inspired sound that recalls the funktastic ’70s era, the sound is brimming with a vintage vibe that will bring nostalgic fans right down memory lane. Though the single infuses a sound inspired by the yesteryears, the Sola Rosa also imparts their own unique flavoring into the mix. The sound is altogether soulful, funky and energized. Be sure you have a listen today!


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Sola Rosa's "Shine On (feat. Thandi Phoenix)"