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Daniel Tortoledo's energy is wild and fiery on latest album release 'Through Out These Years'

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Daniel Tortoledo Daniel Tortoledo

Daniel Tortoledo is a Venezuelan/American songwriter and performer based out of NYC. His music is known for their wild, fervent energy and their heartfelt poignancy. Tortoledo started out cutting his teeth with his first original band The Highway with whom he performed and toured continuously for over a decade. The artist’s musical journey continues in his latest recording, Through Out These Years, a very straight-forward rock and alternative record that encapsulates stories and honest messages.


The album has some great energy to it. With an amped vibe, the compositions on this record also have a great sing-along appeal to it. Tortoledo takes the lead on a lot of these tracks and you can see him front and center on these songs adding his charismatic and theatrical presence to these rocking numbers. His show-stopping performances are relentless. With a big and loud, bombastic vibe, these tracks sail forth with high-energy and a vibrant propulsion. Driven with a great live sound, Tortoledo admits that the live takes constitute the backbone to the album. On the premise of capturing a live studio sound, Tortoledo incorporated the help of some very talented session musicians in evoking a live component to the record. Raw and unadulterated, what comes across is an honest recording without the frills of being overly produced or manufactured.


Through Out These Years opens with “Dark Times (Brothers And Sisters),” where right off the bat the vocals comes in with gusto and range. Tortoledo’s vocals are bursting with flavor and flair. The harmonica traces this song with a bluesy riff. The clashing of piano keys toward the end evoke a chaotic end filled with discord and dissonance.



Following is “Eloise,” where the music comes in with a fervent vibe. The energy is big and unrelenting. This is a heartfelt and intimate track. The drumming is adamant with lively percussions coursing through. The guitars are melodic and shimmer overhead. A guitar solo launches toward the two-minute mark.


“Intermissions” is a short instrumental interlude, solely focuses on the piano. The tune is reminiscent of a Western saloon vibe. This neatly transitions into the title-track, where right away Tortoledo’s vocals comes in with no hesitation. His timbre is warm and invigorating. The energy on this song is inviting. This is a gorgeous track that is dressed by the piano and drums and percussions. A soaring anthem, this song has a great sing-along vibe to it.


Raucous guitars create a wall of sound on the start of the revved “Bottle Of Wine.” Guitar riffs reverberate on this track. The beat is jaunty and alive. The vocals come in with a soulful and soaring vibe. The guitarwork gives off a vintage ‘70s vibe that will have fans nostalgic for the era.


Toward the closer, “Give Me Soul,” soaring electric guitar licks launches toward the start of the song. Tortoledo’s passionate vocals are revved with emotion and soul with the lone support of the electric guitar. The sounds evoke a warm and reverberating vibe. This pensive track is an apt closer to a happening album.


The record really comes alive with an energetic sound that will leave listeners pumped and wanting more. His music has often been compared to the likes of Neil Young, John Lennon and David Bowie as well as influences from more modern acts like Noel Gallagher, Blur and The Strokes. While honing a classic rock vibe, Tortoledo also has a footing in the present. The artist pay homage to the greats with his rocking vintage vibe, while playing music his contemporaries would also appreciate. You can make the case that Tortoledo has a firm grasp on the past with a hold on the present, all the while focused on the future. His musical talents are definitely rare. He revives in audiences the nostalgic sounds of yesteryears all the while playing music that is unnervingly authentic and unique. With charisma and showmanship, Tortoledo packs this record with his effervescent personality that brims with his verve and enthusiasm. This is a spirited album that will speak to fans of folk, pop rock and Americana. Be sure you have a listen today!




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