Um, this is pretty freaking cool.  If you're into comics, check this out, if not, you may be after seeing and reading about Protanopia.

(Source: - Protanopia is a digital interactive comic for Ipad and Iphone created by André Bergs. Created as an experiment into the possibilities of digital comics. Using elements from 3D and 2D animation in a realtime game engine, it creates an unique visual style, whilst still having a familiar feeling.

Layered. Onion-like. and who doesn't like onions? Animated in continuous loops and set in a 3D space where tilting your device controls the camera angle. Protanopia provides a unique reading experience. 


Please note that Protanopia is a fairly heavy app that was developed for IOS and adapted to Android on popular demand. For an optimal experience the use of the newest IOS device is recommended.


Testimonial From a User: "This is an amazing and even groundbreaking concept. I'd love to read stories in this format and love the idea of mashing comics with animated, interactive visuals. Very impressed and please produce more of the same. Personally I'd back this on Kickstarter or Indiegogo." (Source: Google Reviews) 


Free Download below

Download in Google Play

Download in iTunes AppStore


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Going by the name Artfool, Maurice Laflamme III takes the delicate and simple strokes of a diverse range of color to another level of prestige and awe. The psychedelic feels his pieces create are euphoric flow that can really transition your state of mind.  Even though you may find him painting live at a festival near you, you can always catch him wherever you are via his livestreams.  So far, he has livestreamed 15 1/2 hours of painting

His work is also for sale, ideal for work or personal environments that are chill and fun.  


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Beth Costello

Teacher, artist, designer, scultper, and more, from New York, Beth Costello. 

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Kick-ass Designs

Need a custom modern yet timeless logo or graphic to help your brand stand out among the rest? You came to the right place. Welcome to Kickass Designs.

My team & I create edgy, CUSTOM & sophisticated logos that are sure to grab attention, and keep it. Have you ever asked yourself "do I really need a logo?" Why does your business need a professionally designed logo? The answer is simple: A professionally designed logo attracts attention, and leaves an everlasting impression in people's minds. We offer several all-inclusive design packages suited for a variety of budgets. We are located in Portland Oregon but we have worked with thousands of companies all around the world. With the quality & service we offer, you wont find a better team to work with. Anywhere. Period. (Source:)

Lance Reis,

CEO of Kickass-Designs,

Owner/Blogger at

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Mckenzie Mayle

Check out Mckenzie Mayle's chaotically colorful collages, self-portraits and other colorful gems.  

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John Namu Choi

John Namu Choi


The Imaged Unconscious 

Human Interaction. Perceiving the world through your unique senses. Fuse these two vantage points, and you have the foundation for the exploratory pieces crafted by John Namu Choi. Sporting a decorated background in academia, this creative has cultivated over a decade of learning and experience to produce enticing projects that challenges this plane of existence we all share. Art is relative. Art is perception. John examines the various elements surrounding how we perceive ourselves, eachother, and the ever-chaning world around us.

Artist Highlights

Program Languages: Processing,Cinder, OpenFrameworks, HTLM, CSS, Javascript, Python, and Arduino

Statistical Software: GIS, SPSS, STATA, and R

Design Software: Adobe Suite, Auto CAD, and Sketch-Up



2015 Media Lab Expo, Metropolitan Museum of the Art, “MyMET Recommends”, 2015

This is My House of Green Grass: The Raw Retrieval of the Civil War, “Five Thousand Souls”, 2015

Under the Viaduct, “Harlem,” 2014

ITP Spring Show, “Projection Piano,” “Toilet Champ” and “(0, 0, 0),” 2014

Tribeca Film Festival iPlayground, “Projection Piano” and “Flow,” 2014

ITP Winter Show, “Narrow Minded in Color” and “Coca-Cola Bubble Catching Game,” 2013


In addtion here is a link to his resume.

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Shannon Vogel

Shannon Vogel

Hello World! I am a Digital Media Major with a minor in Graphic Design and certificate in Advertising from Marist College . My passion for greatness drives me in every aspect in life. I love all types of physical activities--anything that gets me moving and enjoying the outdoors. One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world so living life to the fullest is something that continues to grow in me everyday. I am excited to share my ideas and use my art to make my mark on the world. - Shannon Vogel



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Ari Eshoo


Ari Eshoo

Artist Statement: 

Relationships are fragile and complex.  Even casual social exchanges with the cashier at a deli can be flecked with sideways glances, facades or genuine sincerity.  It is difficult enough (and this is a gross understatement) to unearth the clouded veils that prevent one from attaining self knowledge, let alone trying to understand the subtle nuances in another person.  Language offers the freedom to break down some of these walls; however, there are not enough words to honestly describe many thoughts and feelings that run through one’s mind.  Do these barriers make forming relationships an impossible feat, or, is it these barriers that unite us?

I take cues from sitcom sets and theater props when making objects.  I use the spatial shallowness in stages and TV sets as a metaphor for emotional shallowness and depth.   Like props, my objects often have two distinct "sides," creating a level of expectation or anticipation for continuity and a surprise or disappointment in the actuality.  Like parallel lines the two sides will forever share a relationship without meeting - like a dog chasing its tail, the objects are faced with hope and dead ends.  

I employ images of self reflection; such as puddles and darkened windows (looking out becomes looking in when it is dark outside and you can see the interior instead of the exterior).  I am also fascinated by the parts of the face that one can see (the nose, cheekbone and brow) and the distorted views of the body from different perspectives.  The leaps of faith we must take or the paranoia we endure due to the limitations of our perspectives and vision is of great interest to me, and taps into ideas about what it is like to be a body as opposed to being in a body.

I also have a blog, in which I interview other artists to establish a community, gain different perspectives and spread ideas!





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Rtist Jono
His work speaks for itself.  My Goodness, this is amazing.  Prepare to swim through his complexity of color. 
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Jan Bonito


Jan Bonito

Click the image to see the amazing works of Jan Bonito

Deviant Art



Here the articles that have recently covered his amazing celebrity make-up art.




New York Post


US Weekly

People Magazine


Perez Hilton



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