Wednesday, 15 June 2016 18:59

Beth Costello

Teacher, artist, designer, scultper, and more, from New York, Beth Costello. 

Published in Art/Design

With the current rate of innovation, even since Ted Global first published this speech, wearable technology, cars, home-security, appliances, personal finances, eye-glasses that produce 3-D imaging, 3-D Printers that can even 3-D print objects in space, all have evolved to a point where we can control these complex systems via apps on our mobile devices; a device that has the same power used to launch spacecrafts to space 40 years ago.

Ian Goldin, mentioned in is definition of globalization, that the interweaving of societies and systems was facilitated by “just-in time management systems”; a business strategy to increase efficiency by relying on the supply to produce the demand. In comparison, users are the supply, and the product-offering is the demand; so many tech companies where social connection is at the core of the business, its necessary to get the largest following possible to gain additional interest, traffic and retention.  

Just like our mobile devices and computers, these products go through continuous updates, evolving a better product each year.  Some products such as wearable technology are already becoming social, for example FitBit has an option to post your personal health updates to your social community.  Google has been in testing phases with its new product that launched in 2014, Google Self-car.  Its only a matter of time before these products enable features that allow the users to set presets that you can alter, allowing the product to function based on a selected preset.