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Kiki Halliday

She has one of those voices that will make you stop doing what you're doing, making you fall into the beauty of the sound she creates.  


Lamusicblog: Kiki Halliday’s angelic, breathy vocals and simplistic, yet universally reaching instrumentals immediately reels you in. Her songwriting is intimate, yet shrouded in a somber beauty that invites the listener in rather than alienating him or her with overly complex arrangements or technical implementations.

It’s songwriting akin to her influences such as Fiona Apple and Jenny Lewis, and it’s a breathe of fresh air in an LA music scene encumbered by DJs and electronically driven artists. The singer-songwriter grew up in LA knowing that music was important to her, but it was a gradual ascension toward discovering her passion for it.

Jillian Goldfluss from LAMusicBlog spoke with the budding musician about post-college life moving from the suburbs to the sprawling LA metropolis and pursuing her artistic aspirations, day by day...Read here. (source:lamusicblog)



Kiki Halliday is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her music pulls together different aspects of blues, pop and soulful sounds to create something that is bright yet vulnerable. She is a lyricist to the core, however she maximizes her sound by pairing uncomplicated chord progressions with words that will take ahold of you, willingly or not, and bring you down beyond the surface. Her live set has a noticeable easygoing, Southern California vibe as she plays the guitar well and interacts with the crowd in a way that’s honest and whole-souled.

Kiki released her first complete work, “The Love Notes EP”, in November 2014. “Love Notes” was recorded in its entirety with Scott Frankfurt (has worked with Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, John Legend) at his studio in Woodland Hills, CA. What’s interesting here is that Kiki can move fluidly across genres without seeming too bound to anything. This has allowed her the opportunity to work on projects including a collaboration with LA producer/DJ Matt DiMona on his debut EP, Up All Night, where she co-wrote and sang on the synth, R&B infused track, “Next 2 U” and another with Philadelphia-based hip-hop artist and rapper, Frzy, on his upcoming album God King Slave.  Her music has also been featured on the TV show The Young and the Restless, and her song “Beautiful Soul” will be included in the upcoming motion picture I’m Not Ashamed, due out in theaters October 21st.

Kiki continues to put on live shows in the LA and San Diego area- depending on the night you may be able to catch an intimate acoustic session or hear her music come alive during a set with her bandmates. There are melodies coming out of this young, raw talent that may land anywhere and that’s what makes it exciting to see what she will do next. (


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Michael Rodriguez aka "The Rolling Stone"

The production and song structure of these are not bad. With production from BeatsByMantra and LTTB, songwriter Michael Rodriguez, who goes by the name of 'The Rolling Stone' pens an array of Mike Posner-like ballads.  

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Cody Jay

Straight outta L.A, Cody Jay a talented singer, songwriter, and music producer blends his rhythm and soul well with Urban Pop/R&B styled beats.  Think the soulful sound from Robin Thicke meets the dance upbeat vibes of Justin Timberlake mixed in with modern smooth R&B vibes similar to Trey Songz.  His sound ranges from neo-soul to dance to R&B and back, some with addicting and catchy hooks.  Hear below, and follow him to stay tuned for more. 



Booking: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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Going by the name Artfool, Maurice Laflamme III takes the delicate and simple strokes of a diverse range of color to another level of prestige and awe. The psychedelic feels his pieces create are euphoric flow that can really transition your state of mind.  Even though you may find him painting live at a festival near you, you can always catch him wherever you are via his livestreams.  So far, he has livestreamed 15 1/2 hours of painting

His work is also for sale, ideal for work or personal environments that are chill and fun.  


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Emmanuel Ceballos

Emmanuel Ceballos

"Creativity is all about exploring. If you don’t fail, that means you’re not trying hard enough. Some however seem to think a process shouldn’t involve any risk?" – Von Glitschka

Emmanuel Ceballos is a self taught artist living in California. He isn't married to any artistic direction and that's the way he likes it! 

Emmanuel Ceballos Instagram

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Kathleen Allison

Kathleen Allison
Kathleen Allison
Remixes to her songs: Kathleen Allison
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Dane Ferguson

Dane Ferguson performing on live TV, transmitting that acoustic smooth sound through the TV airways of CBS - Watch Here.  Follow his recent sound below.


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Cumbia Films

Cumbia Films

"We believe in authentic  creative collaboration and the power of its outcome.  We are a multidisciplinary team who combine excitement, professionalism, work ethics and experience in an atmosphere of constant creative feedback.  Every project is a new challenge and we welcome the adventure. We enjoy every step of the process and the end results are what give value to our experience today."

Their mission is to produce high quality content that is faithful to our values sharing the numerous positive aspects of our culture with the world through motion picture.

Realizar contenido de alta calidad que sea fiel a nuestros valores y muestr los múltiples aspectos positivos de nuestra cultura con el mundo a través de contenido audiovisual.

Cumbia Films es el resultado de un equipo que se une con sueños similares, talentos únicos y un deseo constante de crecer. Nuestros caminos profesionales nos han inclinado hacia un interés común: contar historias visualmente.

Full service production company specialized in film,
documentary, creative advertisement, music videos
and digital media. We provide production services in
Cartagena, Colombia and Los Angeles, USA. 
Productora audiovisual especializada en cine, documental, publicidad, videos musicales y medios digitales. Prestamos servicios de producción en Cartagena, Colombia y Los Angeles, USA

** Best Teen Pop Video at the Indie Music Channel Awards

MAÑANA Official Selections:

- Colombia de Película 2013
- 17th San Diego Latino Film Festival
- 50th Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias
- HBO New York International Latino Film Festival
- 16th San Antonio Film Festival
- El Espejo Film Festival, Bogotá
- Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
- Sydney Latin American Film Festival
- Festival de Artes Audiovisuales de la Plata, Argentina
- Festival de Cine Latino Americano de Flandes, Bélgica
- Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
- 27th Festival de Cine de Bogotá (Mención de Honor)
- Festival Internacional Ciudad Luna, Chía Colombia.
- Festival Internacional del Audiovisual para la Niñez y la Adolescencia, La Paz, Bolivia. (Mención)
- Boston Latino International Film Festival
- Cine Las Américas Film Festival, Austin, TX
- Barcelona Sports Film Festival, Spain
- In Vitro Visual 2011, Bogotá.
- San Francisco Latino Film Festival
- Lakino Latin American Short Film Festival, Berlin
- 24èmes Rencontres Cinémas d'Amérique Latine de Toulouse
- One Lens Film Festival, Los Angeles CA.
- 5th CMS International Children's Film Festival, Lucknow - India

SALVADOR Official Selections:

- CineRail Paris
- San Antonio Film Festival
- Unexpected Film and Arts Festival


- Feature films - Shorts - Documentaries - Commercials - Music Videos - Promotional Videos - Corporate Videos -


In-House Productions, Co-Productions & Local Production Services


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1020 Films

1020 Films
1020Films is a web-based production company whose goal is to provide high quality films that are available for everyone to watch for free.
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