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Latashá shares Lytewrk: a new music-making, inspirational platform for fans and creatives

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Latashá Latashá

The multifaceted artist Latashá has been ever-evolving her style. In the past 9 years, she started out as a freestyle poet/spoken word artist. In 2015, she moved into becoming a professional hiphop creator and now in 2020, she's expanding her resume of being a multidimensional performer giving back to other artists through, Lytewrk. 


Throughout the process, Latashá has remained an independent artist and understands first hand what it takes. Now she wishes to share her gems.  A Gofundme account has been created where fans can  support this inspirational program come to life.  Lytewrk is a new creative platform from the go-getting diva that will give listeners access to new music, a look into her process, insight and journey as an artist, as well as a toolkit that will help creatives like you achieve your goals. The grab-bag includes goodies like:


  • Meditations
  • How To’s like “How to make a living out of what you love”
  • An esoteric book club
  • A creative squad forum “Da Homies”
  • Quarterly one on ones with Latashá
  • Early access to all things Latashá
  • And more…


The journey to where she is currently at, has been a long and hard road. Latashá wants to share what she has learned throughout her process and help others arrive to where they want to be. Lytewrk is an inspirational platform where creatives can learn to grow and flourish. Acting as part social media and part self-help, Lytewrk will be a place for fans to talk and discuss her work, where she will be sharing her process on music making and giving insider tips/tricks for those navigating a career as an artist. More spiritual than entrepreneurial, Lytewrk is not only Latashá's latest rung in her evolution as an artist, it also sees to your growth as a creative, artist and person.


If you want to learn more, you can check out her Lytewrk page here, where you can sign up for more details. Or you can get in on the action today by donating to her Gofundme, here. It doesn't take much to become a part of the revolution!



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