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Erick Antonio Benitez

Erick Antonio Benitez

There is no denying that our rich, diverse cultures, help format how we all express our art. The Bronx-born Salvadorian artist uses vivid cultural themes in his paintings and sculptures. His "Gangster's Paradise" series embodies this wholeheartedly. In order to cultivate this unique skill-set, Erick has traveled to his native El Salvador and studied abroad at the "Metafora Tallers d'Arte" in Barcelona, Spain. The artist currently manages studios and curates shows at "La Bodega Gallery", a part of the Artists Collective located in Baltimore, Maryland. 


Selected Exhibitions 



"Emulsion" Annual Exhibition, Gallery O on H, Washington, DC. Juried by Adah Rose Bitterbaum

- Awarded 1st Prize (view article)


Academy 2014: Annual MFA/BFA Exhibition (ConnorSmith Gallery, Washington, DC)                              

"Tres Golpes", La Bodega Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Out of Order” Group Exhibition, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

Sampling” Group Exhibition, Bank Building 3rd fl MICA, Baltimore, MD



"All Small" Senior Thesis Group Show, MICA, Baltimore MD

"School 33" Group Show, La Bodega Gallery, Copycat Building, Baltimore Md

"Penny Royal" Solo Exhibition, Boho Gallery, Bohemian Coffee House, Baltimore, MD  



MICA Annual Juried Exhibition, Decker Gallery, MICA, Baltimore Md, Juried by Jack Livingston and Karyn Miller

"Seeing Red" Group Exhibition, Arena Stage Gallery, Washington, DC

"Themes & Narrative" Group Show, Fox 2 Gallery, MICA, Baltimore, MD


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Skye Ferrante

Skye Ferrante
If you ever travel to NYC, venture into SoHo; you may come across a small studio of sculptures by Skye Ferrante. Working with wire, his amazing work has been featured in Page SixMavatar,Vocativ MagazineVice Magazine and more. Not to mention his intimate and collaborative approach of performance and collaboration.  According to Burlusque Beat, Skye has been innovating, combining Live Nude Sculpture Performance and night clubs
Skye Ferrante Sculpts Live Ballet:
Impossible Eiffel Tower time-lapse (abbott labs)
Nyc Skyline Mural (MetLife bldg)
Birds on Penthouse Balcony
by appointment only: 646 648 5444
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