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Cassle Fires


Imagine it's 1987 and you're in the movie theatre watching a blockbuster Philip K. Dick inspired film directed by Ridley Scott.  Not Bladerunner, but the soundtracks Cassle Fires creates makes it feel like it. Cassle Fires - Instrumental duo from Saint Paul, Minnesota fuses genres post-punk and dark-wave together to produce instrumentals that carry this 90’s retro Nirvana-feel, vibes perfect for independent film projects or background tracks for other visual projects.  They’ve tagged their sound as 'soundtrack, art-rock, dark-wave, industrial, krautrock, lo-fi, new wave, post-punk'.  



Stay tuned on where they will perform next by following their Facebook page.  


Check out their projects via Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

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The minimalistic yet powerful sound Adele creates in her global hit “Hello” from her multi-grammy predicted album, 25, created such a void, that spawned thousands of music producers to recreate.  For example like the video below, produced by Location, a small time music producer from New York.  


Although continuouly adding more, Location’s close-to-200 instrumentals aren’t necessarily for pleasure-of-listening purposes, rather, they are constructed in a way for the project-oriented; musicians, filmmakers, or game developers, finding the perfect soundtrack to compliment a scene, a song, game, etc. So not only does this track intrigue with its certain instrumental absense, it does so, while blending vocal clips from Adele in “Hello” and Drake in “Come Thru”, so that it seems as though they are singing towards each other in conversation.  


Aside from the critique of its length, once the blending happens so does the vibrance of the project, which begins to occur half-way of the track 3:30-4:00 minutes in.  The first few minutes is basically a simple stripped down beat with the chopped sample clips, I guess acting as a buffer for the color the mix dives into.


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Courtesy of The Brew

Relax to the tranquil vibes Courtesy of The Brew




Contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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SUPR is a Virginia based Production Company. From music production, to clothing, stay tuned to up-coming projects. 


SUPR (Producers/Songwriters Tehron Porter and Sulaiman Azimi) produce music of various genres including Hip-Hop, Contemporary R&B, Soul, Rock, Alternative, Dance, and more. We are from Virginia. In addition to music production and songwriting, we create our own apparel, graphic/merchandise design, photo and videography.

Related ventures:

Ghetto Orchestra is SUPR's band/ Sulaiman Azimi (Guitar, Vocals) Tehron Porter (Bass, Drums), Acee Fuller (Drums).

Nothing Magazine is an independently published digital magazine produced by SUPR.

LoLaFo is a clothing and lifestyle brand created by Noah Elnagdy and Tehron Porter in Virginia.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Fall into the sounds and story of Ahn'tik.  The industrial sounds and chill melodies hypnotizes you into a game-like dimension. Enjoy the vibes
Snippet of last years performance.  
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Kid Merci

Virginia is a bubbling pot of creative genius's. Alex Knowles aka  Kid Merci aka Designer. Rapper. Music Producer. VJ. is an example of this.  

Crafting his own artistic style, K I D M E R C I, not only takes a modern & contemporary spin to his anime design characterization - a staple for potentially a future entire world full of his characters, his music production is equally on a high caliber. When he has not designing, he is producing music - creating that alternative chill vibe.  Check out his TrakTrain music profile - Kid Merci.  

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