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The 21st artist interview would take place in Seattle, with Racoma, an indie-rock band who were 1 of 3 artist recommendations provided by Sofar Sounds, a global community that fosters and facilities intimate live concerts across the world. The other two artist interviews that came from Sofar Sounds recommendations was the 24th artist interview in Nevada, and the 38th artist interview in South Carolina. 

Embarking on the 20th leg of our State2State Artist Discovery journey, in the quest to find the perfect artist to represent Montana's vibrant creative culture, the Northwest surprised me particularly in the realm of hip-hop. One standout rising star was the dynamic hip-hop artist, Joshua (formerly known as "Eddwords"), right in the heart of

Wednesday, 08 April 2020 03:12

19 State 19th Interview, River Merrill

I wish I could’ve met and kicked it with all of the artists, but for the sake of the project and time, I chose the one artist that stood out to me the most, River Merrill.  The search began in the capital, Boise, Idaho... 

"Get it out the mud like Shawshank If one ain’t up then we all ain’t" - R&B/HipHop Collective from Detroit, Michigan, The Lobby and Independent Film Director 97PK, collab yet again on another feel-good upbeat project, this time expanding to the vibe to the West Coast.  Keeping it real in Meet Me in LA, Freebxll Will and Freebxll Rome get personal, flexing their go-getter mentality, confidence and postivity through-their signature melodic-drip.  




Coming from a 2-track project dropped in 2019, 22, which also featured a smooth alternative, genre-overlapping track titled Upside...



...Meet Me In LA stays true to their melodic/Travis $cott-like sound, or in other words, 'their' sound. 


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