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Eddwords, hiphop artist from the Northwest as the 20th Artist Interview

Eddwords, during the interview in the summer of 2018 Eddwords, during the interview in the summer of 2018 Eddwords

For the 20th Interview and 20th state on this State2State Artist Discovery road trip in the summer of 2018, I met up with hiphop artist, Eddwords, based right there in Kalispell, Montana. Probably the most scenic drive on this cross-country journey, driving by the flathead lake with the surrounding Mountain range, gave me feelings I ain’t ever felt.  Definitely going back again not only for the views, but also to hopefully link again and catch a show from the 20th artist interviewed on this project, Eddwords. 


When searching which artist to interview for the state of Montana, I was surprised to see a decent sized creative culture in that region; a lot of talent coming from the Northwest, specifically in hiphop.  One of the up-and-coming hip hop artists who stood out was Eddwords.  Immediately you can hear he’s got the voice, the flow and the classic hiphop production that compliments his natural hiphop sound. 


Super laidback, Eddwords had us do the interview right in his studio, the Treehouse.  Among the 10 usual questions I asked, he talked about his growing fanbase in the Northwest from his 2018 project which got a lot of praise, 406 to the Ville, about growing up in Nashville and the struggles he went through, the loss of his best friend and how it continues to influence him.  Hearing his story in person, and then listening to his music gave me a deeper appreciation of his work.

Eddwords, is not only extremely passionate about the art of music, his grind game is also next-level.  After the interview, he continued working as we chatted; he recorded his own vocals on a project, pressed some branded t-shirts and sweaters and more. A few of his crew and friends came through who I was able to chat with and meet.  Eddwords’ vibe was so genuine and positive and that extended to his friends as well.  Another brief meeting, but a memorable moment in time I’m hoping to repeat one of these days. 


Since the interview in the summer of 2018, Eddwords continuous to drop music, with several singles released and a 2020 EP titled ‘Rollercoaster’.  As we expect more dope vibes from Eddwords, his studio, the Treehouse, has recently moved to a larger location and will be providing top-quality creative services for the Northwest; specializing in Music, Custom Clothing/Design, Photo & Video. 






Next stop, Seattle Washinton to interview Racoma

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