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Changed the creation date, see if this does anything

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It will be a focus to monitor the content to maintain the values Diversal wants the platform to reflect; creativity, collaboration, diversity, and positivity.  

You will have to register, but it will be free and fast with your Facebook or twitter account. It is only if you are interested in being a writer/contributor for Diversal that you will be given certain access levels to the backend.  Other than that, every user will be on an  equal pane, to comment on articles, share content to their own pages, or participate in campaigns by posting or voting on content.  

Initially we will use social media to push the event to others while using the word of mouth amongst local followers and reps, or artists themselves.  But after the launch of the site, we will utilize community group gathering programs such as Meetup, to sustain a consistent group of creatives; which once our international audiences increase we will encourage followers in different states and countries to create their own Diversal community groups. 

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