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10th State, 10th Interview - The Lobby

The Lobby The Lobby

Day 19th - 20th: August 11th Interview with The Lobby. 

Next stop, Detroit Michigan for the 10th interview, a creative collective known as The Lobby comprised of Freebxll WillDemigod, Freebxll RomeKerwin ClemensMilf Melly, and Joseph Cook.  They got a certain wave that’s addicting and catchy, wavvy hip-hop with a lot melody, bounce and energy.  While some of the members have dropped solo projects with a bunch coming up, such as Milf Melly’s recent ‘Milf Tape’, and Freebxll Will’s upcoming project ‘King Of The Free’, collectively they've released a few singles so far, but much in the works. The track, 'Love Lost' below is one of them.  But do you feel this?? 




Living in NYC for the past 5 years my mind was use to a certain time perception when looking at distance on maps.  So when meeting up with them at their studio in the metro area I miscalculated where I was in relation to them and ended up being almost two hours where I needed to be.  They had a show that night starting at 8pm and it was already 4/5pm, so we had to put the medal to the pedal.  Luckily I didn’t get stopped, however several states later my luck with that would run out, but we'll get to that later...


I made it there in good time for us to do the interview, and just kick it a little bit with them.  The energy was dope, and they had me listen and feedback on some tracks they were working on.  See below.  





After vibing heavy, we left and I followed them to their show Vamp Night hosted by CrowdFreak, a promotion service that book artists to get on shows and sometimes open for big acts.  We got there early on, but little did I know, it was the spot where Eminem notoriously did that rap battle on stage made famous in 8 Mile, The Original Hip Hop Shop. 



The spot was dope, artwork hanging in both rooms, DJ spinning bangers, host cracking jokes, red cups getting refilled, and just chill vibes.  With over 30+ Artist on the ballot to perform, It was pretty lit throughout the night.



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