Talent Seekers


A&R reps seeking talent, independent musicians, singers, rappers, and more

Music Supervisors

Seeking music content for placements, specific projects and more


Label reps seeking unsigned artists with a tremendous amount of talent 


Creative managers seeking talent to potentially represent and help grow

Why seek here?

Creative People

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Curated list of independent artists
Designed to scale
A growing music composition catalog

Strengths - Pros

The platform is designed to benefit three types of users: Visual Artists, Musicians, and Entreprenuers or in other words Content-Creators and Talent-Seekers. 

Visual artists will have options to find:

- Other artists to collaborate with

- Resources tailored to their interests

- Options to share/post work

- Opportunities for work 


Those in music will have options to:

- Discover other music collaborators

- Find the perfect instrumental

- Create & grow a music composition catalog

- Share/post/market projects - promoting themselves


Entrepreneurs, business owners or those interest in starting one, will have otions to: 

- Find talent to collaborate with 

- Find resources to help start a business

- Create posts, write articles and become a thought-leader in your desired field

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