Late, but now we are introduced to the world of Fence Art. Walking in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we stumbled upon this illusion. Upon searching fence art on the internet, it turns out that this is a popular creative trend.

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Ceasar Passée, visionary, performing artist, musician, drummer, programmer, performing a Steel Drum cover of Hotline Bling by Drake, at Jay St. Metrotech Train Station, Brooklyn, NYC. ---

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Saturday, 02 April 2016 16:10


Isaiah Roberson.

"BIGGER than the image. Photographs are an important part of our world . Time travel as we know it has not ever been achieved, but ask anyone who sees a beautiful portrait of themselves. Most likely they can tell you what was happening in their life, how they were feeling, and what the weather was that day."- Flysaiah

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Flatbush native, Latasha, one of Brooklyn's most underrated MC's, has never been short on confidence. Since the start of her music career, she’s worked at giving potential fans more than simplistic rhymes and familiar stories. On first listen, you’ll notice that her music has always been deeper than that. She fearlessly tackles socially conscious topics often, and still intrigues with her unique approach...“Show us happy. Show us free. Show us being,” says Latasha. regarding the visuals of her recent project "The Island", which is sponsored by 88 Days of Fortune. “Listen to the words and hear that we too are woke.” Source: Danitha Jones from Stashed.  Read the entire article here.  

Having been written about in OkayPlayer, The Brooklyn Paper, The Source, Uproxx, HotnewHipHop, Vice, and many more, Latasha is an artist you will be hearing more of, if not already..



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Latasha Alcindor's Press Kit

Contact Latasha Alcindor aka L.A.

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"With his hometown of Chicago on his back and the sounds of soul in his roots, R.O.E. blends an urban vibe with poetic lyricism and music that hits straight to the heart that will attract anyone with an affection for alternative hip hop.

Since his early days, R.O.E.’s message has revolved around an inquisitive boy-meets-world mentality with self-aware storytelling illustrating his everyday. On something bigger, something better, R.O.E. vibes a stirring and meaningful portrayal of life while pushing naysayers aside and Rising Over Envy.

In 2011, R.O.E.’s debut EP A Backpacker Named R.O.E. piqued the interest of Chicago-area fans and blogs immersed in the hip hop scene and started to entice radio spins with its soulful beats, unconventional hooks, compelling lyrics, and independent sound. With the debut marking his official foray into music, the EP’s concept was simple: introducing his essence to the world. Its success would lead to video projects, larger shows, and nationwide tours. After building a foundation for his sound, R.O.E. dedicated the next couple years to growing his fanbase, collaborating with acclaimed producers, songwriting and offering the ultimate live experience with his full band, The Soulvillians.

The long-anticipated 2014 release of the To Happiness EP chronicles the Chicago emcee’s mindset since A Backpacker Named R.O.E. and lives up to expectations with his signature artistic flow, clever writing, and the natural chemistry between the lyrics and beats. The 5-track EP’s cohesive vision delivers a short, yet rich and experiential trip through what it’s like to be him: an established artist traveling, reaching, living, and not letting negativity get in the way.

Today R.O.E.’s focus is on playing shows, touring, and producing videos to promote To Happiness while working on his first full length album." 

Rising Over Envy

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Jaclyn Sheer

Jaclyn Sheer

  • Video Editor from Brooklyn. 

Her work has appeared at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has been featured on Vevo and Apple Trailers. She spent four years as a production manager and editor at Wheelhouse Creative in NYC where she pursued her love for cinema. Jaclyn's work frequently explores the intersections between film and music, and is informed by her interest in art, psychology and mysticism. Along with her video work, she has been an active DJ in New York City's rock bars since 2002. (


Just to list a few major projects she's been a part of:

On the Road 

Under the Skin


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Netousha Monroe

Netousha Monroe is an R&B/soul singer born in Virginia and raised in New Jersey. She has a distinctive sound that blends her soulful voice over hip hop oriented tracks, showcasing her love for both genres. Her goal is to create music that stays close to her roots and inspirations, yet is diverse enough to appeal to a wide variety of listeners. - (Taken from her Bandcamp) 

Download her tape - Dear Johnny

Stay updated on her Soundcloud

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