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Tuesday, 17 May 2016 06:25

Apeman Featured

 Apeman - A three-piece alternative rock band from the basements of New York. The band consists of multi-instrumentalists Ryan Gredd…
Sunday, 08 May 2016 06:20

Lamont Featured

Hailing out of Fairfax, Virginia with an array of projects uploaded on Soundcloud, ranging from being streamed tens of thousands…
Sunday, 01 May 2016 23:00

J Monty Featured

Some calling him the best-rapper coming out of Atlanta, J Monty snaps in 100 Bars and shows off his delivery…
Thursday, 28 April 2016 16:22


Dive in his Psychadelic-pop, post-rave vibe, where he combines these electronic aesthetics within hiphop rhythms and hard-hitting beats. Easily over…
Wednesday, 27 April 2016 16:39

Tyler Wrighteous Featured

9th Nimbus, aka Tyler Wrighteous, drops a new music video of his much anticipated album releasing later in 2016 titled…
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