Galaxy Dynamite
Galaxy Dynamite
Galaxy Dynamite is...

Baker Cunningham - Guitar/Synth/Vocals

Michael Mahgerefteh - Drums / Samples

Sam Wolffe - Bass / Didjeribone / Vocals

Galaxy Dynamite takes it to the stars every single time. Tasteful and eclectic beachside melodies seamlessly dissolve into a frantic whirlwind of hard-hitting passion driven psychedelic electro dance grooves. Created from humble beginnings, this powerhouse trio from Norfolk, Virginia, has already made a name for themselves delivering their larger-than-life signature blend of furious, frenetic, and absolutely overwhelmingly heavy bass rock to clubs and festivals across the east coast keeping smiling audiences on their feet and having a blast! 2013 is proving to be an amazing year... with the band finishing a 56 show summer tour featuring stops at amazing festivals like The Big Up in NY, Mantrabash in NC, and Camp Barefoot in WV among many others.

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"Blending Trance, Rock, and Psychedelic sounds, this three piece aims to bring dance music with a laid back beach feel to it" The Virginian Pilot

"Man, you guys could just go for the whole program!" - Paul Shugrue with Out Of The Box WHRO

"As a three piece band, the members stay tightly knit and improvise seamlessly from trance-like melodies into sonic youth screaming guitar riffs and danceable jams. Galaxy Dynamite wishes only to reach out and emotionally connect with their audience, making them feel as good listening as they do while playing. Shifting from funky beats to far out space jams, the band grabs hold of the audience and takes them for a ride." - Appalachian Jamwich

"It's precisely those endless jams that set Galaxy Dynamite! apart from other bands. Where as most groups must reconvene their jam, or bring the jam full circle, to go back into the last lines of a song, Galaxy Dynamite's "songs" are more like transient overlapping themes that flow like cosmic strings through their sets. If that riff sounds good, they go with it, build on it, and play it out. They don't always know if what they try onstage will work, sometimes it doesn't...but more often than not Galaxy Dynamite! sounds amazing, and the feeling is mutually displayed on the faces of players and audience members alike. Such pure improvisation is, to me, indicative of incredible talent, and is something few bands can actually pull off. Not just anyone can get onstage with such energy and enthusiasm, and produce such soulful and fluid music off the cuff." - Rock Camp Productions

"Not to disappoint, this three piece psychedelic trance rock band brings groovy electro dance beats straight from outer space right to your inner ear. Originating in the 757, Norfolk, VA Galaxy Dynamite started in 2010 and hasn't looked back yet. Baker Cunningham – Guitar, Synth, brings the soothing melodies that will melt even the headiest wook in the crowd. Sam Wolffe – Bass, utilizes a progressive driving lead bass-line that seamlessly merges the guitar and drums as one. And then there's Michael Mahgerefteh – Drums, this psycho is ill with the skills with drum sticks in his hands. King of the throne, Mike brings an unbelievable energy to the stage and it shows in the music. Catch Galaxy Dynamite on tour this summer." - Wookie Post

"To me, what sets them apart from other bands forming today, are their whopping, in your face jams- just when you think they can't get any crazier they drop suddenly into soulful, dubby grooves. Their melodic organization is impressive, considering 80% of their sound is purely improv. It's like they know just what the listener is looking for and their show was a constant dance party. I couldn't help but have a huge grin on my face the whole time, eager to hear their next move." Sparkleberry Lane

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