JaRon Arrington

JaRon Arrington

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John Namu Choi

John Namu Choi


The Imaged Unconscious 

Human Interaction. Perceiving the world through your unique senses. Fuse these two vantage points, and you have the foundation for the exploratory pieces crafted by John Namu Choi. Sporting a decorated background in academia, this creative has cultivated over a decade of learning and experience to produce enticing projects that challenges this plane of existence we all share. Art is relative. Art is perception. John examines the various elements surrounding how we perceive ourselves, eachother, and the ever-chaning world around us.

Artist Highlights

Program Languages: Processing,Cinder, OpenFrameworks, HTLM, CSS, Javascript, Python, and Arduino

Statistical Software: GIS, SPSS, STATA, and R

Design Software: Adobe Suite, Auto CAD, and Sketch-Up



2015 Media Lab Expo, Metropolitan Museum of the Art, “MyMET Recommends”, 2015

This is My House of Green Grass: The Raw Retrieval of the Civil War, “Five Thousand Souls”, 2015

Under the Viaduct, “Harlem,” 2014

ITP Spring Show, “Projection Piano,” “Toilet Champ” and “(0, 0, 0),” 2014

Tribeca Film Festival iPlayground, “Projection Piano” and “Flow,” 2014

ITP Winter Show, “Narrow Minded in Color” and “Coca-Cola Bubble Catching Game,” 2013


In addtion here is a link to his resume.

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Chris Voss

Point & Shoot


Oakland raised Chris Voss migrated to the streets of NYC to chase his love of capturing the gritty, raw aggression the city has to offer. Armed with his Tashica T3, Chris incapsulates sailent moments as they are living, breathing. The photography dares you to raise your head and take time to examine the artful world that has been created for us to share.

A recent interview on photographing the streets of NYC.

See the his photos here: chrisvossnyc.com

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Fernando Pintado

Fernando Pintado

Simply coining Fernando Pintado as a painter is a mockery of the word. Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, this multi-faceted creative uses silk-screen canvases and acrylics to illustrate his world of Alternative Rock and Free verse poetry. The imagery from his works and videos couple seemlessly with his pieces; capturing the audience's attention. 


2012 Do Re Mi, Chemi Room, San Juan, PR
2011 Where the blue of the night meets the gold of the day, Roberto Paradise, San Juan, PR
2007 I could be happy in infinity, Galería Comercial, San Juan, PR
2006 JEM Blues, Galería Comercial, San Juan, PR

2015 Vermont Studio Center Johnson, VT
2013 Charles G. Shaw Award Saul Lyons Memorial Scholarship
2002 Arnaldo Roche Foundation Award for Painting
2001 Student Group Show Award for Painting, Escuela de Artes Plásticas, San Juan, PR


Article: http://joshuaabelow.blogspot.com/2015/01/en-roue-libre-romance-2015-fernando.html

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Erick Antonio Benitez

Erick Antonio Benitez

There is no denying that our rich, diverse cultures, help format how we all express our art. The Bronx-born Salvadorian artist uses vivid cultural themes in his paintings and sculptures. His "Gangster's Paradise" series embodies this wholeheartedly. In order to cultivate this unique skill-set, Erick has traveled to his native El Salvador and studied abroad at the "Metafora Tallers d'Arte" in Barcelona, Spain. The artist currently manages studios and curates shows at "La Bodega Gallery", a part of the Artists Collective located in Baltimore, Maryland. 


Selected Exhibitions 



"Emulsion" Annual Exhibition, Gallery O on H, Washington, DC. Juried by Adah Rose Bitterbaum

- Awarded 1st Prize (view article)


Academy 2014: Annual MFA/BFA Exhibition (ConnorSmith Gallery, Washington, DC)                              

"Tres Golpes", La Bodega Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Out of Order” Group Exhibition, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD

Sampling” Group Exhibition, Bank Building 3rd fl MICA, Baltimore, MD



"All Small" Senior Thesis Group Show, MICA, Baltimore MD

"School 33" Group Show, La Bodega Gallery, Copycat Building, Baltimore Md

"Penny Royal" Solo Exhibition, Boho Gallery, Bohemian Coffee House, Baltimore, MD  



MICA Annual Juried Exhibition, Decker Gallery, MICA, Baltimore Md, Juried by Jack Livingston and Karyn Miller

"Seeing Red" Group Exhibition, Arena Stage Gallery, Washington, DC

"Themes & Narrative" Group Show, Fox 2 Gallery, MICA, Baltimore, MD


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Jason Hicks

SnapSteady with Jason Hicks

 An independent photographer on a mission to spread his vision behind the lens.

Born in Maryland, Jason received a BIS from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2013. He currently is based in Richmond, Virginia. He's currently available for Wedding, Portrait, Event, Commercial and Real Estate Photography. 

Jason's vision is to capture that special moment, and to tie an unforgettable experience, with meaning.  

ShockoeValleyNightDSC 3485

Aerial Videography Now Available! 

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