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The music of Alex Jackson whose music composer name is Location, has been featured on projects that have achieved national news coverage on sites such as YahooNew York Post, and more. The song used in the linked videos is Powerranger by Alex Jackson, a.k.a Location. Click here to listen.

Continuously adding to his catalog of over 250 music compositions ranging for film purposes, musicians, markerting vids, Virtual-Reality, Mobile-App games, Location's (Alex Jackson) sound is a blend of hip hop, alternative and electronic.

-A chill atmosphere to vibe to, in any Location-

He began making remixes and uploading them to his YouTube account he created several  years ago, and since gained 349 subscribers on Youtube and over 51k views on a total of 64+ videos.  While you can find some of his work on soundcloud, bandcamp and other music sites, his main focus is growing his collaborating with other artists and growing his music catalog in the Vibe Catalog. 


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