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After many years of planning and creating, one of our most anticipated T-Shirts is here! The Demand Peace Tee If you are from Woodbridge, Virginia you may have seen the local legend known as "The Demand Peace Guy", a very nice and caring man who for the past five or more years has stood outside in the cold and rain with his sign that reads "Demand Peace" in bold black sharpie.

As young adults, we would pass this man every day and feel inspired by his passion, his dedication, and most importantly his message. This brought us to the simple idea of, "how can we help?". This took many months of tracking him down, and finally sitting down with him and getting his full story, along with his full blessing to use his message. "The Demand Peace Guy" as we call him, does not like to give out his name or any of his information, but has told us what he appreciates the most is when people come up and talk with him, listen to him, and hopefully take something from his message and his story. After speaking with him ourselves, we were determined to make this shirt a reality and hopefully all of Woodbridge, Northern Virginia, and the rest of The World can wear his sign on their chest and show support everywhere they go! Also portion of every shirt sold will donated directly to the Demand Peace Guy to support his cause!!!


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