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Here is a list of 15 healthier ways to boost that energy: 

1. Eat Right in the morning, healthy Breakfest

2. Sniff some citrus (lemon, Lime) or peppermint

3. Small meals throughout the day, don't hesitate to snack healthfully. 

4. Increase Magnesium in your diet.

5. 64 ounces of water a day.

6. Decaf Tea “contains an amino acid called L-theanine that increases alertness without giving you the jitters,” says Atlanta-based dietician Marie Spano, MS, RD.

7. The unique form of Medium-chain Triglycerides

8. Vitamin B12 speeds up metabolism

9. Meditiation: Stress hormones effect the body strongly

10. Excersing when exhausted is actually really good for you. 

11. Cold water, splashed in your face. 

12. We forget to breath.  BREATHE! Deep Breaths, take a few.

13. Relax. Take a break. Maybe Yoga? 

14. Balance your circadian rhythm by getting some sunlight. Increase alertness

15.  Greens in every thing. Salads, fruits, smoothies...

-Bender, M (Yahoo, Health) 

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