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Saturday, 02 December 2017 18:40

Trippletaskers - Talking Trippletasking

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Unlike multitasking which can be defined by doing any number of things at once, Trippletasking can be defined by doing only and up to  three things at once. 

Corrections to dated directions of submissions to Universal Music Group / Capital Records:

On my last day in L.A, I figured I walk by as many places I could that I didn’t get a chance to, days after attending the 2017 ASCAP #ICreateMusic Expo.  Following the hollywood stars to the Capital Records building, I was stopped and questioned by a staff member right outside its door.  The guy went by the name of, I think ‘~Jon-Paul?’. Regardless, cool dude, we had a good short, yet deep conversation about the industry and the current problems it faced. 

Before the conversation got deeper, and before I explained my intentions and goals, he had initially handed me a sheet that include directions for applying for jobs and submitting a demo.  It was as if, people frequently come to Capital Records and try to get in, so they have a staff member posted outside to monitor the entry, ready to hand out these unprofessional printouts to the daily stragglers.  Mid conversation, I could tell he thought in his mind he had wasted a print-out on me.   

Below are the original directions on the sheet of paper: Outdated, incorrect data. See updated directions at the bottom of this article.  

Universal Music Group



2. Scroll to bottom of page

3. Click ‘Jobs’

4.  Choose “Jobs (US)” or “Jobs (UK)”

Universal Music Group 

Submit Demo


2. Click our company 

3.  Scroll Down & click FAQ’s

4. Click “Spinnup” to submit Demo 

After settling in back home, days later, going through follow-ups from people we networked with at the event, including reconnecting with many talented independent artists, many of which are currently featured in this platform, I figured for shits n’ giggles, lets go to those links I was giving on that sheet from Jon-Paul outside of the Capital Records.  After doing so, I realizing that the site had been edited much after these instructions were printed, and its instructions didn’t make sense. 

If I was handed this, I’m sure others were too, and maybe are still being handed this. So for clarity, I figured I just write an article with updated directions.  Therefore if you run into this issue, and type it in google or another search engine like I did at first, hopefully this article will pop up and help you out.  Your welcome, then again, it really wasn’t that complicated.    

UPDATED (April, 2017) : Actual, Current Directions of the above:

Universal Music Group



2. Click the Menu Bars button in the upper left or right corner

3.  Select Careers at UMG

4. Select UMG careers

Universal Music Group 

Submit Demo


2. Click the Menu Bars button in the upper left or right corner

3.  Select Contact us 

4. Scroll down to the question “How Do I Submit a Demo to UMG, then select the hyperlinked ‘Spinnup


Pandora, the online music streaming platform is great for music discovery and promotion, whether for advertisers, or independent musicians (and even comedians). However as good as that may sound for the independent artist, Pandora actually restricts its platform for users outside of the US due to, according to Slashdot, licensing issues. Nonetheless, according to Triphackr, there are ways to experience that platform if this affects you.  

Strategy 1:

For the independent artist who lives outside of the U.S interested in submitting their music to Pandora, work with someone who does live in the U.S or check out this link  from Pandora.

This strategy, working with a team within the U.S, Diversal, worked for versatile Venezuelan singer, Jonah Ramirez.  We were able to get him on Pandora and now can be found by either typing in his name or his single titled 'Vida'. Here is Jonah Ramirez's Pandora Station.

Strategy 2:

For the individual inside the U.S, follow these steps. After submission, you'll get an email letting you know about the next steps.   You may get another email several weeks to a few months after that letting you know where they are in the process, however the email letting you know that the station has been created and now searchable takes about 5 - 6 months.  Long wait time, but worth it! It may have took longer because the artist was located out of the U.S.  

CdBaby put out a great article to follow to get on Pandora.  

WikiHow also has a great article on the process that has images also to follow.  

Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Relevant - Time-Bound

For decades have been used as key elements of setting effective goals. However in an article from Inc., motivational speaker, and Gold-medalist, Adam Kreek discusses another acronym that is more fitting in this fast-changing agile and digital environment; C.L.E.A.R. But then again, why not use both approaches.  

Collaborative - Limited - Emotional - Appreciable - Refinable

An article from Jason Borbet from forbes goes into detail in its 10 tips every Independent Artist needs to know.  Check them out here.  Creating your brand, sticking to a schedule, and protecting yourself highlight the first three.