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Where in The world is Kanye West?

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Anyone who knows me, Know that Kanye West is in my personal Fav Top 5 list (Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 #DrakeVoice) of musicians to ever do it. Being born in 92', Kanye's career started popping off around the same time I started really getting into music. A time where your a teenager and EVERYTHING is super exciting because its all so new. Outkast, Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, and Pharrell are the rappers who really got me nurtured into Hip-hop culture in my early teens. All five of these brothas strayed away from the typical tropes of Hip-Hop music: Drugs, woman, Money, street cred, etc. & if they DID talk about it, it was in the most unique of ways. I wasnt the type of kid to get a lot of girls nor be invited to any parties (Unless of course that party involved Cake and Parental supervision). I never smoked or drank in high school. I was never suspended for anything or even had a detention. Long story, short. I was Good AF (lol)

Hip-Hop was my drug of choice and the only one I hit growing up. Like the popular Lupe Fiasco song says; "Hip-Hop (LITTERALLY) Saved my life". Later on in my teenage years, it'd be bands like FALL OUT BOY and PARAMORE who would begin to wet my feet into the rock world that I adore so much these days.


All this being said, The point I'm trying to make is that Kanye has been in my life for a very long time. The phrase "Kids of Kanye" doesnt exist for no reason. For many Millenials, Mr. West has been there since we were young. He has gotten us through tough times. He has provide the soundtrack for the turn up. He's made us laugh with lines like "And on the 18th birthday, found out it wasnt HISSSS?!?!" . West was never known to be super lyrical but his signature flow and style of writing is and always will be distinct to him. Time and time again Kanye has pushed the limit for creativity within a genre that finds success in the minimalism of subgenres like mumble, gangsta, and trap rap.

So the question as of lately has been, Where in the world is Kanye west?
He has not been seen out in public in a very long time and according to his wife, Kim Kardashian West, He has been having "Personal time" to himself and not leaving the house.


I have a theory that elaborates on what she just described. This past November, Kanye went on one of the realest rants of his career. Lets call it the "FUCK RADIO" rant. Kanye was spitting some SUPER REAL shit, but the media tried to play it like "Oh boy, there goes CRAZY KANYE". All of us woke mofo's though? Kanye had simply said something that we all have been thinking for forever! IM TIRED OF HEARING THE SAME DAMN TEN SONGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! (lol)


Shortly after that incident, Kanye was placed in a mental hospital for a few weeks. Whole time, Im sitting there like what? This man kanye goes and speaks some of the realest words of his career and he gets put in a mental asylum for it? This man spent his thanksgiving in a mental hospital because he went on stage and spoke the truth. This world is crazy, man.


So yes my theory: My theory is that Kanye is legit in the sunken place. (GET OUT was iconic, wasnt it? :D) I'm not here to trash the Kardashians hence I didnt mention their influence in this, but um...yeah I know we're all thinking it ( lol ) and I'm not here to be a conspiracy theorist blogger, either. All Imma say is this : MK Ultra Mind Control. Google it. And then Seriously yall, Pray for our big brother Kanye.


-Max Ataraxis



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