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The Natural Synthetic recreates the existing fractures of a relationship with glitch-y electronic beats and dissonance on latest single "Blind"

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The Natural Synthetic The Natural Synthetic

The Natural Synthetic’s sound caters to both spectrums of synthetic and natural. The bicoastal duo created by Miette Hope (Brooklyn, NY) and Ariza (Los Angeles, CA), combines elements of both old and new, analogue and digital into compositions that is as much a personal journey as well as one that will speak on multiple levels for audiences. Most of their songs are about the fissures of relationships, but the band does note that they do like to keep listeners on their toes, both fans “of pulling the rug for listeners” so to speak. The band likes to change things up in their production, with no two songs alike in their catalogue.


The band continues to keep listeners guessing with their latest single “Blind.” A piano melody addresses the intro of this track. Melding electronic layers with acoustic instrumentation, the percussive beats felt very stirring. Synthetic horns give the track an added kick. Glitch-y vocals cut in and out of this song. About an uncompromising love that leaves you blindsided, the dissonant themes are aptly enough evoked in the music. The sound felt very experimental in nature.


The band’s sound centers on two aspects: leaning onto acoustic instrumentation and that of the electric. What altogether comes across is a sound that is organic. Surprisingly with the large amount of digitalized sounds, nothing sounds contrived. The music showcases musicians who are perfectly at ease in front of the mic, thriving under the energy of the crowd. The dissonance in the music adequately portrays the disharmony found in breakups and irreparable love. The duo balances the discord and strife with melodious vocal harmonies and glitch-y electronic riffs to create something that talks about the universality of going through a bad relationship. The Natural Synthetic sheds light on something many of us have each gone through in the past. With that being said, I can see that the band is going places with their fresh but familiar sound. They show a whole lot of potential with this release and I look forward to seeing more from them soon.



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The Natural Synthetic's "Blind"