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Emily Rowed's easy blend on latest 'Without You EP' is just right

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Emily Rowed Emily Rowed

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Emily Rowed is now based in Nashville, where she is currently making music that lasts. This timelessness is evoked in such recordings like her last album, April, in which she documents the fateful months of her finding love in Los Angeles, an extended period of planes, travel and living without a fixed address. She records the whole thing during a wild prolific writing session with producer La+ch (Coleman Hell). The results was April  - a 10-song LP that blends Rowed’s raw, introspective folk songwriting with the producer’s crystalline noir-pop arrangements. The album created a buzz among outlets with many praising her vulnerable vocals, haunting songwriting abilities and honest lyrics. Following the success of her album, Rowed followed up with a string of EP releases. Without You EP, released via 604 Records, is the latest of these releases.


A 2-song EP, Without You EP begins with the title-track “Without You”, where a monotonous piano grows into a moody piece. Rowed’s vocals are echo-y and carry a profundity that makes her singing that much more magnetic. With lots of emotion and a vulnerability that adds a searing touch to the track, the music is bursting with mood and atmosphere. The background synths really offers the music an ethereal edge. Rowed’s vocals sound kind of distant. This gave the music a classic feel like the song was recorded on to tape. The sounds crescendos many times and I was greatly buoyed by the momentum of the music. Up next is “Song For B”, where sounds of synths and keys lean into an old school R&B and pop feel. The bouncy electronic beats really gives the track traction. Rowed’s melodious vocals sounded great next to the backdrop of mellow electronica. The music felt very laid-back and stripped-down with a classic hip hop and R&B vibes, making the music feel very retro and vintage-inspired. I thought Rowed really brings that certain flavor popular back in the ‘90s and ‘00s and gives the aforementioned genres new life with this tasteful offering.


When listening to a song by Rowed, the immediacy of the music will right away click with listeners. Her latest, Without You EP, is no different. Right from the start, audiences will be pulled by the pensive sounds filled with emotions and a biting candor that will immediately speak to listeners. Mixing electronic elements with her folk rock sensibilities, Rowed makes accessible pop music everyone can relate to. Her songs have been placed on Netflix, Lifetime and Hallmark. Be sure to tune in the next upcoming months to see what this brand-new artist has in store for listeners next!



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Emily Rowed's 'Without You EP'
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