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Lick Drop shows off their dark side with "Dracula"

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Lick Drop Lick Drop

Eclectic South London duo Drop Lick are unveiling their vision for their latest video accompaniment to single “Dracula,” dropped via Zebra Tribe Spirit. Released on Oct. 28th, on the cusp of Halloween season, those of us who are currently recovering from some post-Halloween blues will find something in DL’s spookastic video to tide them over with.


Self-dubbed as “AI cosmic production Demons,” the ever avant garde duo work to make music that isn’t just your regular internet fare found just about anywhere on the web. A cross between modern music with flourishes into the underground, the band takes the indie route when creating their moody and ominous sounds that is a mix between trap, rock and hyperpop. With influences from AG cook, Grimes, Melanie Martinez and Lil Uzi Vert, the band’s uncompromising approach to what works best in their music has led them to produce vibes that blurs the line between genres, redefining what has already been done over and over again.


The horror-themed video to “Dracula” features the duo before the camera in very gothic fashion posing like creatures of the night. The MV contains a lot of flashing strobe lights as well as filtering the room with red-tinged hues. Percolating beats add traction to this epic electro-pop number. The music felt very amped and the lead singer’s vocals gives the music an added pomp and flash. The frenzied beats will appeal to electronica fans and the gritty vocalizations really goes on to feed into the dark energy coming from the music.


The new single “Dracula,” sees the band moving into new and exciting territory. The chilling vibes I got from the video and the dynamic music really adds propulsion to what the band is trying to get at. I think they were successful in creating something different and unexpected with resounding results. This proves only the beginning for Lick Drop and I look forward to seeing more from them.



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Lick Drop's "Dracula"
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