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Freida Mari's sound recalls The XX with the minimally arranged "Floors (stripped)"

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Freida Mari Freida Mari

Inspired by the great life of her grandmother, pop artist Freida Mari, takes on her nana’s namesake as well as keeping the heritage of her mother’s line and all of the women before her alive and well into a new era with her evocative music. Mari makes music that is filled with urgent themes. The songs she writes are each dynamic and gravitating, every one of them tinged with the bitter-sweetness of love and the pain and regret of heartache. Altogether, Mari makes music that will tug at your heartstrings. Her heart-wrenching lyrics and poignant vocals, create an aura of an artist before her time. A timeless feel pieces itself together in her captivating renderings, as each track gets itself closer to expressing the inexplicably intangible.


Mari’s talents are evident in her latest single “Floors (stripped).” With little to no hesitation, Mari’s vocals come right in. With a hushed expectancy, the song recalls a vibe coming from the band The XX. The stripped-down piano melody supporting Mari’s voice really honed into the British indie-pop duo’s sparse sound as well as really allowing Mari’s stellar vocals to breathe. The emotion and feelings permeating this track were immediate. I could really feel the urgent tones of this song arrest me. The layers were really provocative and pressing. A departure from the electronic and synth-powered original, this rendition produces an emotionally powerful vibe highlighted by vulnerable vocal harmonies and layers of acoustic instrumentation. The cadence sounded very organic and natural to my ears.


Mari puts words in where none before could express the unspeakable emotions before them. Her music fills in the gap between awkward silences, stalled conversations and unbearable heartbreak. A vehicle for her to express her passions in music, Freida Mari, not only encapsulates the lives of the women before her, it also captures the spirit and vibrancy of their moving legacy. She keeps the flame alive with her latest offering, “Floors (stripped).”



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Freida Mari's "Floors (stripped)"
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