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Kiki Halliday dreams up smooth grooves on "Real World"

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Kiki Halliday Kiki Halliday

Pop diva Kiki Halliday has been releasing music as an independent artist since 2014. Since then, she has been building up her resume writing music for television and film. Her voice can be found off of shows such as Queer Eyes, Love Island, The Young and the Restless and more. The singer is releasing new music with brand-new single “Real World.”


On “Real World,” delicate piano chords lay the foundation to this track. Reverb-drenched background vocals oscillate in and out of this song. Once Halliday’s vocals kick in, her vibe comes across as alluring and sensual. Her vocal performance is pressing and dynamic, diving into a soulful set early on. Next, ‘80s-inspired beats settle in. The drumming beats are driven and hard-hitting. All the while, melodious piano underlines the sound. About a relationship that puts her on the deep end, she dreams up ways she can get them to change their ways. The song drums up the drama while still keeping consistent to the smooth grooves seen in the vocal delivery and mellow undertones of the music.


Halliday’s passion for her music is right away apparent through brutally honest lyrics and powerful vocal performances. Her signature stamp for melodic-driven pop-infused sets does not waver, nor does her proclivities in enhancing her sound through vulnerable and soulful soaring takes. With a relatable and accessible sound, she makes music that is both familiar and fresh that fans of the pop world can enjoy. Without a doubt, she is going places with her sound. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Kiki Halliday's "Real World"