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Misty Mtn takes "Robots in the Trees" head-on

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Misty Mtn Misty Mtn

Misty Mtn is a LA-based duo featuring singer Morissa Trunzo and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Segall. “Robot in the Trees,” released via 653715 Records DK2, is their latest single that is paired by a visually stimulating music video accompaniment.


Right from the start, you get the vocals that are supported by a glitch-y sound coming from the beats and synths that sends the track towards a more soaring approach. The MV features Trunzo in center stage addressing the viewer. Hues of red and flashing lights highlight the sparse production.


Lyrically, the song is about growing older and finding the courage to face your demons. This track carried a dynamic sound that builds and builds until the climatic ending.


Misty Mtn’s “Robot in the Trees” might just be the remedy to get out of your heads and into theirs.


Check out their self-directed video below.



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Misty Mtn "Robot in the Trees"