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HEBE dives deep and bares her soul on the intimate and confessional EP 'Cards On The Table'

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Rising electronic artist HEBE dives deep to release her latest EP, Cards on the Table. The release is a collection of personal experiences and coming-of-age stories currently out now as an independent release via Kartel Music Group.


Through her music, HEBE tirelessly shapes her experiences in these very confessional, intimate tracks. As she bares-all, what audiences get are very up-close-and-personal performances from an artist that strives to tell it like it is in her music. Brimming with honest vocals and lyrics that are a direct nod to James Black and Låpsley, HEBE brings fare straight from the heart.


A 5-track EP, Cards On The Table is focused on electronic beats. But it isn’t just the technological fare that gets featured on this EP. The album also revolves around piano highlights that really go on to create a beautifully layered, back to the essentials vibe to the music. As bouncy beats cross over into melodious piano chords on the starter “Out Of Sight,” the combined vocal harmonies are rich and compelling. As the harmonious background vocals soar overhead, you can feel the airy notes pulling you deeper into the music. On “Hunting Me,” bouncy beats pave the way on this electro track. HEBE’s vocals contains a more R&B sound fused with hip hop-inspired beats. The sound really carries as her soulful vocals take full swing in the song. The track also consists of a funk-based sound as the wonky grooves makes a prominent appearance on this song.


More of the R&B grooves get relinquished from the smooth beats and stripped-down guitar riffs. HEBE’s vocals are brimming with emotion here. A bit of levity is played out on this track. As the background vocals moves into a vibrant and bright sound, keys highlight a funky groove. Toward “Heal Again,” gorgeous piano melodies make its way on this song as beats add a more revved traction here. HEBE’s vocals cover a lot of ground as she coos and belts out the lyrics. Her startling style really shows her range and versatility as an artist. The closer and title-track begins with a warm vibe once the vocals sets in. Listeners will be embraced by the soulful notes right from the start. On this beautifully rendered track, HEBE’s intimate performance will really transport listeners. With a very bare and minimal sound, HEBE pares down her sound here to the barest of essences. The sounds that move forward are both engaging and inviting. This proved to one dynamic finish.


Through minimalistic pop ballads to more funk-based R&B textures with piano and sparse guitar riffs and chill electronic-based soundscapes, HEBE leans into a sound pop lovers everywhere can attest to and enjoy. She pieces together from her experiences this extremely potent and vulnerable album, seething with emotions and varying amounts of power. HEBE’s sound will resonate with listeners on many levels. Audiences don’t just listen with their ears, they go on to utilize their hearts and souls as well. HEBE shows us through her range and style that she makes music meant to endure. This was a solid effort from the artist and I look forward to seeing how she evolves from here.



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HEBE's "Cards On The Table"