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Róisin Marie introduces to audiences her mesmerizing sound with debut single "Fade Away"

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Róisin Marie Róisin Marie

Róisin Marie is an American singer-songwriter from Rockland County, NY. She started out writing and performing her own songs while attending Binghamton University, where she began collaborating with other writers and producers. She has an early background in musical theatre, as while she was living in Phoenix, AZ, she performed in several theatre companies.


The emerging artist is currently signed with the independent music label SMG ENT and at the moment she has in the works her first album, which is expected to be released this coming fall.


On Marie’s debut single “Fade Away,” the brand-new artist sets the stage on what is to come.


Marie dives right in with little to no hesitation on “Fade Away.” Her expressive vocals are brimming with emotion and are brought right to the forefront as chill beats add to the growing sound. The momentum builds and builds and within the track, a whole range of emotions and feelings are unleashed.


As Marie sets the tone on this electro-pop, R&B concoction, the grooves were very pronounced with big hooks and chillstep elements. I greatly enjoyed her vocal delivery and thought she really nailed it here.


According to, Marie says about the single: “I hated school – what I was studying, the partying and all the expectations. I had just told one of my closest friends what I was feeling and that I wanted to pursue music instead. They told me I seemed ‘spirally.’ Which, yeah sure. So I went back to my dorm, picked up my ukulele sat on my bed and wrote the song. Months later my producer and I recreated it together.”


With “Fade Away,” Marie showcases her talents and artistry on this compelling track. She is able to hold our attentions and we are left wanting more, as Marie shows us 2020 will be an amazing year for her. With more singles and an album on the way, there is a lot to anticipate from this burgeoning newcomer. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Róisin Marie's "Fade Away"
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