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Lucas of Maine shows us on so many levels he is a producer and singer-songwriter of note with latest single "Safe Restart"

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Lucas of Maine Lucas of Maine

Lucas of Maine is Lucas Deely, an independent producer and singer-songwriter from Kennebunk, Maine. Currently living in Chicago, he names several of his influences as Brockhampton, Alt-J, Chance the Rapper, MGMT, Tame Impala, Tyler the Creator and Foster the People. While you can definitely near these artists in his music, he also goes out of his way to fuse these styles to create his very own sound. With a vibe that covers EDM, pop and indie, his latest project “Safe Restart," released independently, sees him advancing into more alternative territory. But you can definitely see his influences in EDM, electronic music and indie pop also get played out across the mellow vibes on his latest single.


Right from the start, “Safe Restart” gets going with an inviting and ear-pleasing sound. The MV features multiple Deely’s in the same room performing on large sticks and twigs that go on to represent the various instruments used in the production. The video very much reflect Deely as a one-man-band as he alone handles everything himself from producing, writing, recording and performing all the instruments. The music really has a pulling effect to it with an infectious flow, readily underlined with hip hop-inspired beats. The sounds altogether felt very laid-back. I felt myself being carried away by Deely’s music that encompasses a rock-based sound implemented with hip hop-centered beats, heavy synths and an alternative-pop vibe.


Deely has produced a sound of merit here. With monotonous vocals, executed in nearly a droning manner, the vibe never lets up. The beats and rhythms really drive this track home. Deely has created a memorable sound with “Safe Restart” that is worthy of repeatable listens. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Lucas of Maine's "Safe Restart"