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The members of Lace brings their raw talent together in creating debut EP 'Liar's Notebook'

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Lace Lace

Lace is a neo-soul project based out of Los Angeles and India. The band is comprised of four eclectic musicians who each bring in their influences of neo-soul, South Indian inspired grooves and jazz harmony to create their own unique sound. The band fuses their stories together to create a bewildering piece of work on their debut concept EP Liar’s Notebook.


According to the band’s Bandcamp page: “Liar’s Notebook is about the lies we believe, we tell ourselves and the ones that told to us. The EP follows the protagonist into her journey as she creates worlds and safe places only to confront them later on in life.” The EP offers us a glimpse into a girl’s life, engaging us in her journey, with a story-arc that places us right in on the action. As we walk around in her shoes, experiencing what she is experiencing, we see our minds opening up in ways we’ve never imagined before. Liar’s Notebook immerses us in a whole new world – and what a world it is. Bringing to life a very cool, smooth jazz sound, the soulful notes highlighted on this album will really take you on a fantastic adventure.


Liar’s Notebook gets moving with a jazz feel unharnessed on the groovy, funk-based "Liar Liar." The wonky bass lines and grooving guitars produces a colorful sound. Mana Contractor really brings the song to life with energized scatting, bursting with loads of flavor and soul. The song will really reel listeners in. On the short instrumental interlude “Lima,” scattering riffs on the guitar gives off a pleasing cadence which touches off on a discordant sound. Toward “Bird,” sparse finger-picking on the guitar underlines this track as Contractor’s sweetly rendered vocals evokes a smooth vibe throughout this atmospheric song. Her vocal performance really soars here and I could also hear the music take flight. A meandering sound comes from the guitars on “Remember.” The sound gradually grows in power. With emotional vocals coming from Contractor, the music was very stirring here, making for a dynamic close.


The sounds on this EP sound very unrehearsed, brimming with a vibe filled with spontaneity. The band plays with tons of chemistry, as each musician and player display their talent in each section. This raw energy will probably translate very well onstage in a live setting. As the band jams together, their proclivities for experimentation and play is intensified. Their sound on the EP doesn’t shift, but instead grows in momentum. And the results are truly startling. Be sure you have a listen today!



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Lace's 'Liar's Notebook'