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Trella's sound is above all mesmerizing on latest single "Sidelines"

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Trella Trella

Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter Trella has been making a name for herself as a songwriter ever since she signed her first publishing deal at the age of 21.


Born and raised in a musical family on the northeast coast of Florida, her mother who was a singer, pianist and vocal coach was instrumental in cultivating her love in music. It was only when she picked up the guitar at age nine that her passions for songwriting was ignited. Growing up, Trella was influenced by classic artist like Billy Joel, The Beach Boys and Ella Fitzgerald who also goes on to inform her sound.


As a teenager, Trella attended a liberal arts high school where she was classically trained in voice, learned how to play piano and was exposed to a wide array of musical genres.


After high school, Trella decided to embark on her musical career by moving to Nashville. Now with three EPs under her belt, the pop singer-songwriter is releasing her latest single “Sidelines” via TrellaTunes and Tommee Profitt Studios.


With vulnerable vocals, Trella brings the track to life, brushing into electro pop, indie rock and alternative genres. Her sound is above all mesmerizing. On this song, Trella talks about a love that just doesn’t work out. Synths and beats add a soulful groove to this track. The beats are very minimalistic, featuring Trella’s captivating vocals front and center. Gradually, the sound builds and what comes across is very dynamic.


The music on “Sidelines” really brings another side to pop music overall. Trella’s emotional vocals will really stick with you as she belts about some love gone asunder. At the focal point of this track is Trella’s big, expansive vocals that will really make you think about your past loves or heartaches. Trella never takes it down a notch with her vocal harmonies, and she really drives it home with you in this searing piece of work. I think she really nails it here. A melding of electro-pop with indie rock, “Sidelines” is an enjoyable listen from start to finish. Be sure you have a listen today!


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Trella's "Sidelines"