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Lontalius returns with stripped-down single "Someone Will Be There For You"

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Lontalius Lontalius

Lontalius is Eddie Johnston, a New Zealand based singer, songwriter & producer. He returns with his latest offering “Someone Will Be There For You” via Kartel. The pop track is the first of new music coming from the artist in 2020. The single is one of his simplest production wise, and is heavily centered on the acoustic guitar and his vocals. While the lyrics are heartfelt, listeners will be equally lulled by the beatific melodies and harmonies.


Lontalius wears his heart on his sleeve on this mesmerizing and beautiful track. He bares all with a strong confessional, singer-songwriter vibe. Lonatilus’ performance is warm and intimate and listening to his evocative vocals, you get the sense that you are in the same room as him and he is singing to you barely a few feet away.


“Someone Will Be There For You” is a simply rendered track. The song mainly consists of guitar and a drumming beat supporting the vocals. This starkness really provides a cadence that resounds with emotions and feelings. The approach, though stripped-down unwinds with deep emotional vibrations. Earnest and heard-warming, the sound that is relinquished is certainly awe-inspiring.


An acoustic track that is familiar as well as it is refreshing, the single brings to sharp focus the sense of connection and support that you can’t go through life without. Lonatilus’ lyrics and music are both accessible and relatable as he brings to the table fare that will speak to fans of the pop and acoustic genres as well as musicians on a technical level. He is an artist to look out for in the incoming year and 2020 sees him working on new music. Be sure to check back to see what he has in store for listeners next!



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Lontalius' "Someone Will Be There For You"