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Boris The Lucid releases the lush R&B and soul album 'Forever Dream'

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Boris The Lucid Boris The Lucid

Virginia songwriter, producer and singer Boris The Lucid has been making music since 2015. With a dynamic and feel-good sound, he continues to develop his vibe, forever evolving himself and his music. In 2017, Boris The Lucid joined forces with fellow Virginia artist kliftxn and WOLF to become the powerhouse collective ILLDAZE. The artist is able to effortless balance solo and group projects, showcasing his sonic range and versatility. Forever Dream is his latest release.


The music on Forever Dream unfolds with a hazy and dream-like vibe. “Forever Dream” is an apt title to the album, alluding to staying forever in that place in-between worlds as we relish in our dreams and reveries. Both searing and dream-like, the sound that pervades on this album is definitely haunting. With an all-around feel-good sound, Boris The Lucid has concocted a record that juxtaposes atmosphere and mood with scintillating beats and rhythms that proves to be a smooth listening experience.


Forever Dream opens with “Fond Farewell” with synths powering through this track with scintillating electronic beats and rhythms. BTL’s vocals reverberate overhead in an echo-y cadence. The vocals and music sound airy with an ethereal and soaring vibe. On “Saturday Night,” warbling synths build up on the backdrop of this track. Next, a melodic groove oscillates on this song. The sound is groovy and contains an intoxicating pop beat.


A haunting sound pervades from the synths and keys on “Midnight (ft. Vesta).” The vibe is airy propelled by BTL’s sultry and provocative vocals. “Warrior (Interlude)” combines the guitar with electronic embellishments, mixing organic instrumentation with electric modes that altogether fleshes a fully realized sound. The vibe that is elicited is lulling and dream-like. Ghostly synths arise from the synths on “Too Afraid.” BTL picks up the pace with his searing vocal range. The album closes with “8.” This airy closer will elevate listeners’ moods with its atmospheric and ambience sounds.


With a sound in the soul and R&B genres, Boris The Lucid provides for a soothing energy on his latest release. Leaning into a sound that delineates electronic embellishments without relinquishing the soul, the artist fuses the familiar with the new in this exciting new release. With a sound similar to The Weeknd, Drake and T-Pain, you can definitely hear these artists in his sound. With soulful vocals and atmospheric electronic beats and synths, Forever Dream is a powerful melding of R&B and hip hop that reinforces BTL as an act to look out for in 2020. Be sure you have a listen today!


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Boris The Lucid's 'Forever Dream'