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Birsen Tezer's "Sonu Guzel" is fueled by both emotions somber and sorrowful

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Birsen Tezer Birsen Tezer

Over the past twenty-five years, Birsen Tezer has consistently amazed us with her music as one of the best singers and songwriters of Turkey. Since 1988, Tezer has performed jazz music with various groups and prominent names of modern Turkish music such as Bülent Ortaçgil, Erkan Oğur, İlhan Şeşen and Gürol Ağırbaş. In 2009, Birsen Tezer released her first album Cihan. In 2013, she recorded her second album Ikinci Cihan. The artist currently continues to perform with her musician friends and groups in Istanbul.


Tezer collaborates with Guvenc Dagustun to produce “Sonu Guzel” via Ada Musik, Kalan Ses Goruntu, Lin Records, Yenikapi Musik, Z Ses Goruntu and Cihan Sezer Produksiyon. Dugustun opens the track with his smoky vocals. The song is a definite slow burn with a sauntering groove. A pensive acoustic guitar melody meanders towards the open of this track. The sounds of the saxophone add a sultry and simmering pulse to the music. The track is sung in Turkish and although I couldn’t understand the lyrics, I could undeniably feel the emotional power of the song. Tezer vocals come in edged with immense sorrow and feeling. I could feel the sadness steeped in her emotionally powerful vocals.


On this collaboration, both singers bring their own styles to the forefront of this soaring ballad. Dagustun’s singing is heartfelt while Tezer’s voice is the soul to the track. Both singers tie in their emotional frequencies to the song, as the ballad is fueled by feelings both somber and sorrowful. I was amazed at the feeling that is evoked in the lyrics. Though I would need a translator to fully understand the words, I could really feel the range evoked in the emotions behind the lyrics. Both Dagustun and Tezer are great singers and together the sound is beyond astonishing.


It’s been a while since Tezer has released new music and this collaboration is the latest in singles she has released back in 2015. But I hope this review motivates her to write, produce and record new music.



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Birsen Tezer's "Sonu Guzel"
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