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Jimmy Levar's soulful vocals gives a smooth listening experience with "Purple Kangaroo"

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Jimmy Levar Jimmy Levar

Jimmy Levar is a hip hop artist, who is releasing his latest single entitled “Purple Kangaroo.”


The single features synths that relinquishes an airy vibe with soaring feels that could be felt in this ethereal sounding track. The beats come in adding a bit of traction to this R&B song. Levar’s vocals are soulful. His singing is smooth and cool, and listeners may feel a piece of serenity and relaxation come over them as the suave beats and his soulful vocals evoke scenes of peace and comfort. The vocals are sung in a low decibel, awash in auto-tuned effects. It gives Levar’s vocals a robotic feel. The effects are all at once eerie and dream-like. This track flows with fluid ease throughout the 3:40 minutes of recording time.


His hip hop vibes are smooth and soothing and will be great to ease you into an unforgettable evening or worth repeatable listens during your downtime. With real cool grooves, you can feel the evocative melodies and vocal harmonies wash over you. Feel the vibrations today!


The single is the title-track to his EP Purple Kangaroo that is currently out now.


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Jimmy Levar's "Purple Kangaroo"
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