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Blake Johnston's smooth funk and soul blend on "Get You Some" will help cool you down this summer

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Blake Johnston Blake Johnston

Blake Johnston wears many hats in the industry. The Virginia native is a singer, songwriter, producer and professional model. The R&B artist is bringing new music to audiences with the release of his newest single “Get You Some” right in time for summer via Blakemade.


Riffing guitars get loosened over the effects of this ridiculously smooth R&B track. The sounds are a cool blend of suave and finesse. Johnston’s vocals come in, in a real soulful manner. Synths add some electric embellishments, giving a surreal and other-worldly feel. The sounds on this song is sultry and sexy. The guitar riffs undulate in this track with a stripped-down, sparse sound. Though minimalistic, the beats add a driving force to this song. The lyrics talk about the go-getting mentality. With real positive vibes, the song celebrates peace and energy and about going after what you want.


The real smooth synergy on this single is great to enjoy during these summer months. Bask in the warm afterglow of this sexy, soulful track and imagine yourself lounging in your favorite bar or in a candle lit room sipping on some expensive wine. This sultry track will take you there. Johnston intersects elements found in R&B, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Funk and Dance to create a textured and nuanced sound with soulful vocal layers and interesting guitar work. Unique and distinctive, the accessible sounds on this single will appeal to a wide demographic. Be sure you have a listen today!


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Blake Johnston's "Get You Some"